The Sun Touch Plus SAD Lightbox with Ionizer

Suntouch IonizerThe Sun Touch Plus Light Therapy ionizer is a 10,000 Lux SAD treatment lamp combined with a ionic generator, all in a small lightbox the size of a desk lamp.

Just 30 minutes of use a day may improve your concentration, energy levels and sleep patterns. 10,000 Lux lamps have also been clinically proven to relieve the debilitating symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The NatureBright Sky Effect lamp produces a therapeutic light rated at 7,100 Kelvin which, unlike regular household light bulbs, is considered very similar to the sunlight on a bright Spring day.

The Sun Touch Plus combines this light therapy with a high-density negative ion generator. You can read more about the benefits of negative ions here.

This ionizer also helps counteract debilitating positive ions emitted by fluorescent lighting, forced air conditioning, household carpets and furnishings and electrical equipment like TVs and computers that can make you feel worn out and tense.

While we can’t always be out in nature with its sunlight and cleansing ionization on a regular basis, the Sun Touch Plus may help bring some of that healing light and healthy negative ions back into your home or office.

Much more on the Sun Touch Plus SAD treatment lamp here, including many detailed reviews.

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