Square Metal Basket Salt Lamps

Metal Salt LampsWhile bigger is usually better for air cleaning, if your rock salt lamp is positioned quite close to you, say next to you at your desk or on a table near where you watch TV, it’s fine if it isn’t so big.

These exotic looking metal basket salt lamps come in 10 different designs you can see here. I particularly like the star and Buddha designs but you can choose whatever suits you best.

The company suggests using them as a bed light, bathroom illumination, kitchen feature or for meditation or prayer, and several of the designs really do seem fit for this last purpose.

Customer pictures, while beautiful, do seem to show these salt crystal lamps are not quite as bright as more open designs, but this could be a good thing if you don’t need the room you place them into to be too light.

They do come with a dimmable light bulb though so you can choose the brightness level that suits you. They are also listed as made in the USA.

Highly recommended if you like this sort of design. Check out the different basket patterns and the low price for these Himalayan rock salt lamps here.

There’s many more unusual designs in this Himalayan salt lamp review. You can also find Himalayan Glow salt lamps in basket styles like this here.

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Drew Preston

Shoot salt lamps be exposed to water?i a salt lamp gets wet will it corrode flake off salt?


Hi Drew,

Salt lamps can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean them every month or so but should not be exposed to running water, rain or constant moisture.

All the best,



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