Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Your Car

Plasmacluster Car IonizerThe air inside your car can be one of the most polluted environments you spend time in.

Sweat and odors get trapped in the upholstery while the dashboard and fabric itself off gasses with a variety of potentially hazardous compounds.

Add to this all of the carbon monoxide, high levels of positive ions and other pollution from the road and it’s not surprised how often we feel drained after driving for any length of time.

The Sharp IG-EC15 High Density Ion Generator uses Plasmacluster technology to clean and refresh the air inside your car and leave it smelling like somewhere you want to spend time in.

Simple to operate, it has both low and high speeds, is very quite at only 28 decibels in silent mode and has a long life ion generating engine, said to last up to 19,000 hours without any decrease in performance.

The Plasmacluster ion generator fits into your car’s cup holder and is a powerful way to reduce tiring pollution when you’re driving long distances and keep your car smelling fresh.

More pictures, details and specifications here and I’d also recommend checking the latest top car ionizers in this review.

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