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Detailed reviews of the best Himalayan salt lamps in different shapes and sizes for improving the living space in your home or office.

Himalayan Salt Lamps for Anxiety and Better Sleep

A pink salt rock lamp provides soft and calming lighting in any living space. Can they be beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety though? Many owners recommend them for exactly this purpose and here’s how they work to support relaxation and help you get a good night’s sleep. 3 Ways A Salt Lamp Lowers Stress […]

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Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

When you buy a smaller salt lamp, you will usually save a bit of money and some very attractive designs only come in the smaller sizes. Here’s the one best I’ve found.This distinctive and beautiful fire bowl lamp. Unlike the Himalayan salt lamp basket design reviewed here, the bowl that the blocks of salt rest […]

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Square Metal Basket Salt Lamps

While bigger is usually better for air cleaning, if your rock salt lamp is positioned quite close to you, say next to you at your desk or on a table near where you watch TV, it’s fine if it isn’t so big. These exotic looking metal basket salt lamps come in 10 different designs you […]

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Basket Design Himalayan Salt Lamps

The best basket style salt lamp I’ve found is made by WBM Himalayan Glow and is this amazing design at a surprisingly low price (choose the tall round basket). Large pink chunks of rock salt are arranged within a basket of intertwining black polished metal. Underneath all of this, is a special 25-watt bulb to […]

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Polished Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

For a different and very stylish and exotic look, pyramid shaped Himalayan crystal salt lamps makes for a distinctive feature in any home. If you’re looking for a medium-sized Himalayan lamp, I’d recommend choosing one of the larger sizes, like the last one here. Though the two pyramid lamp combination would also look great together […]

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Natural Cut Salt Lamp for Your Home or Office

This attractive natural cut salt lamp is a bestseller on Amazon and the very one I have on next to my work desk right now. The Windsor Seasons crystal Himalayan salt lamp is a hand cut tower of deep pink/orange pure rock salt with a strong and stable Neem wood base. It comes in various […]

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Larger Himalayan Salt Lamps

Good larger salt lamps are more difficult to track down. There’s these monsters at So Well if you want something special, but for the best value, it’s hard to go past the the Himalayan Glow recommended in this salt lamp review in the largest size available. Unlike other salt lamps I’ve seen, this is a […]

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