Anion Plug-in Air Purifier and Ionizer

Socket Ion EmitterNegatively charged ions are beneficial for increasing the amount of oxygen reaching your brain and can lead to increased alertness and more mental energy. They are also believed to help normalize serotonin production which can help to reduce stress and tension.

The Anion Purifier is one of the better small and compact negative ion generators on the market. It plugs directly into any power socket and has a SGS test report of producing over 1,200,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter.

Designed it Japan, it looks a little more stylish than other similar products and with dimensions of 4.3 x 2.8 x 2 inches and weighing only 2.9 ounces, it’s small and highly portable.

Plugging in this negative ion air purifier into the room you spend the most time in can eliminate dust, pollen, odors and even airborne bacteria and viruses. It will also counteract the harmful effects of excessive positive ions in your home or office.

This plug-in air purifier would be particularly useful near positive ion generating electrical equipment like televisions or where you use your computer.

Read about other people’s experiences with the Anion Purifier and see more details here at Amazon.

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E McLean

I don’t see a price on this????


Hi there,

Thanks for your comment. The price can change on Amazon so, while the ionizer is on discount at the moment, I don’t put the price on it in case it changes.

All the best.

AKM Jack

It is better if you check the latest update of the price and other discount from Amazon by following the link.


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