Larger Himalayan Salt Lamps

Large Himalayan salt lightsGood larger salt lamps are more difficult to track down.

There’s these monsters at So Well if you want something special, but for the best value, it’s hard to go past the the Himalayan Glow recommended in this salt lamp review in the largest size available.

Unlike other salt lamps I’ve seen, this is a big salt lamp hollowed out properly and using a powerful 40-watt lamp to heat it up properly, rather than the inadequate 15-watt bulbs that come with some other big salt lamps.

Choose the 25-35 lbs model here to see my choice for the best large salt lamp for bigger rooms. It will be especially good for cleaning the air and counteracting electro-smog around office equipment like printers and monitors.

Another good option is to get two mid-sized pink salt lamps on a special deal like this and place them in different parts of the room for combined air cleaning. Having multiple salt lamps in a room will be even more beneficial than just one large one.

Also, make sure to read this article if you’d like to know more about the benefits of salt lamps and how they clean the air in your home.

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