Air Purifying Ionic Bulb

Negative Ion Light BulbHere’s an interesting idea. Combine a negative ion generator with an energy efficient bulb and you get this air freshening ionic bulb.

It works by generating dust and allergen neutralizing negative ions using a special air purifying ion emitter that gets its power from the light’s own energy.

These negative ions attach themselves to pollutants like pollen, floating pet dander, cooking and bathroom smells, cigarette smoke and even airborne bacteria and viruses and make them drop to the floor where they are removed with the next vacuum.

Himalayan salt lamps have similar benefits, though proper negative ionizers like this are usually more effective

Alongside its ionizing properties, this light bulb is also low energy as it uses only 5 watts of electricity but is equivalent to a 50 watt regular incandescent bulb.

The light these ionic bulbs emit is described as a strong yet soft white and, from the reviews, people seem very happy with them.

Clean and freshen the air in your home with this long lasting ionic light bulb.More reviews and specifications on Amazon.

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dr azad

in 24 hours for how many hours one should use the bulb safely?
Is there any side effect using this in excess of 15-20 minutes?


Hi there. There are no problems with having the ionizing bulb on as often as a normal light bulb. Negative ions are good for you like the air around running water or at the beach.

All the best.


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