Ionic Air Purifier with Germicidal UV Lamp

Worn out? Negative ions counteract airborne pollutants and debilitating positive ions.The quality of the air in your home, particularly the level of circulating pollutants and potentially damaging positive ions, can make a difference to your energy levels and mood.

One solution is this Heaven Fresh XJ-2100UV ionic air purifier.

It uses both negative ions and UV technology to clean the air of allergenic particles like pollen and pet dander and destroy bacteria, viruses and mold which can lead to respiratory problems and illnesses.

Using 25 ionizing pins, the Heaven Fresh XJ-2100 ionizer circulates air-cleaning negative ions throughout a room. This ionizing purifier also attracts and traps contaminants on its reusable metal filter plates, where germs and other pathogens are destroyed by its germicidal UV lamp.

Unlike similar models in this price bracket, there are no filter replacement costs with the Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifier. You just wipe the metal collector grid from time to time to clean off what it has removed from the air you breathe.

And despite the high output of negative ions and its UV lamp, the XJ-2100 ionizer uses just 8 watts of electricity and would cost just pennies to operate all day. Just plug it into any power socket and position it at a medium height to clean and refresh the air in your home.

See the Heaven Fresh XJ-2100UV here with free delivery. There’s also several more powerful new comparisons to this older model in this review of the best ionic air purifiers.

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