Himalayan Salt Lamps for Anxiety and Better Sleep

Salt lights to relaxA pink salt rock lamp provides soft and calming lighting in any living space. Can they be beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety though?

Many owners recommend them for exactly this purpose and here’s how they work to support relaxation and help you get a good night’s sleep.

3 Ways A Salt Lamp Lowers Stress and Tension

While there are many potential causes of anxiety, a common biological response within your body is raised cortisol levels.

Scientific studies have found a clear link between heightened salivary cortisol, increased stress related disorders and a higher risk of depression.

Here’s are 3 different ways a Himalayan salt lamp can reduce anxiousness, help you relax and improve your sleeping patterns.

1. Cleaner Air for Lower Stress

Water vapor is always circulating in the air inside your home. These microscopic floating droplets carry allergens and pollutants and are the primary transportation for indoor air pollution.

Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic and attract water vapor in the surrounding air onto their surface. Once they come into contact with the lamp’s salt these pollutants become trapped and are removed from the air you breathe.

This natural air cleaning ability is important for anxiety as indoor air pollution increases cortisol production, the stress hormone that raises your heart rate and increases muscle tension.

Recent research linked airborne pollutant exposure to “increased incidence of neurological and psychiatric disorders, such as cognitive decline, dementia, anxiety and depression.”

Having one of these recommended salt lamps in your home is a simple and natural way to clean household air. Thus reducing cortisol heightening indoor air pollution.Relaxing salt lights

2. Pink Salt Rock Lamps and Electromagnetic Radiation

All electronic equipment like televisions, stereos, computers, appliances and smart phones emit electromagnetic radiation.

Constant heavy exposure has been demonstrated in studies to increase cortisol levels, which leads to tiredness, higher stress, reduced ability to concentrate and lower immunity.

It may also negatively affect your circadian system, making it difficult to get to sleep at night.

You can clearly feel this effect in open offices with a lot of electrical equipment.

Try working near a strong electromagnetic radiation generator,  like a printer or photocopier, and you’ll know how quickly it wears you out.

Proponents of Himalayan pink salt lamps say they help protect you against electromagnetic radiation.

Realistically though, just one lamp would have trouble counteracting a room full of electronic equipment.

The closer a salt light is to you the better job it will do at reducing the negative effects of this kind of radiation.

It’s still best to keep as far back from screens and other electromagnetic emitting equipment as possible though and limit exposure in the evenings.Salt crystal lamps for EMF

3. Salt Lamp Color Therapy for Anxiety

Color therapy may not sound particularly scientific but many people report great results with it using it to improve relaxation and treat anxiety disorders.

Humans certainly respond well to beautiful colors and the soothing pinkish-orange glow of these natural lamps can be helpful for stress relief.

Another positive benefit of pink crystal lamps is that they don’t emit blue light.

Most artificial light is high in the blue spectrum, which has been shown to interfere with normal sleeping patterns.

The soft amber and pink glow of a Himalayan lamp is the ideal lighting to relax in before going to bed. It helps calm your mind for restful sleep.

Negative Ion Effect

Some people suggest negative ions from Himalayan salt lamps as another reason why they are beneficial for anxiety.

While scientific studies show that negative ion benefits include stress reduction, mood enhancement and improved sleep, a salt rock lamp isn’t a particularly good source of them.

Any one of these recommended ionic air purifiers would generate millions more ions per second whilst quickly cleaning the air of cortisol raising pollutants.

Negative ion generators like these also combat positive ion pollution, another lesser known source of tension, anxiousness and irritability.

Ease Your Mind with a Himalayan Lamp

A pink salt lamp works best for anxiety when positioned close to where you spend the most time in your home, particularly in the evening before bed.

In this way it can clean the air you breathe, reduce electromagnetic radiation, and provide a soothing glow that lowers stress hormones and helps you get to sleep.

This one I have in my home provides the perfect soft amber light for relaxing in the evening. There’s more on how to find an authentic Himalayan salt lamp and avoid fakes here.

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