Himalayan Salt Lamp Shapes ⁠— Cubes, Spheres, Hearts, Flames, Eggs, Angels & More

Special pink rock crystal lamp stylesHere you’ll find the most unusual and unique Himalayan salt lamps in a surprising variety of shapes and designs.

Also, why it’s worth owning one of these pink crystal rock lights and some of the positive ways they can affect you.

Ahead are the best Himalayan salt lamp globes, hearts, cubes, rectangles, flowers, teardrops, eggs, cross shaped salt lamps, Moroccan flames, raw crystals and salt lamp angels I’ve found.

If you’re looking for something different for your home there are some very rare and beautiful Himalayan salt rock lamps below.

Why Own a Salt Lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps are mined from ancient deposits of mineral-rich rock salt in the foothills of the Himalayas. Then hand-carved into a variety of different shapes and sizes.

These healing crystal lamps clean the air you breathe in your home of indoor air pollutants through the process of hygroscopy. They also produce small amounts of healthy negative ions.

Proponents of salt lamps believe their beautiful pinkish-orange glow provides a beneficial form of color therapy, affecting your mood and emotions in a positive way.

Indeed, some animal research, like this study, has shown an increase in serotonin-enhancing brain chemicals, like tryptophan and 5-HT, after exposure to pink crystal rock light.

As evening lighting in your home, the amber illumination of a salt lamp, low in melatonin disrupting blue light, can also help you get to sleep more easily at night.

Rare and Exotic Carved Salt Lamp Shapes

Most rock crystal lamps are hand-carved as rough-hewn towers of deep pink salt. This design is often called natural cut and is how the original salt lamps were made.

You can see recommended and certified Himalayan salt lamps here in various weights and sizes, as well as pyramids, baskets, nightlights, sets and more.

For more modern and cool salt lamps, in designs like spheres, cubes, rectangles, hearts, angels, crosses, roses, teardrops, eggs, Moroccan flames and raw crystals, see the best examples I’ve found ahead.Circle salt rock lamp

Sphere Salt Lamp

A salt lamps sphere or globe shape is like a pink crystal ball with a glowing heart radiating from the light within.

Also known as a moon salt lamp, these rock salt globes have become increasingly popular as a stylish alternative to the more common towers and pillars.

The best sphere salt lamp I’ve found on Amazon is this great value and very pretty pink salt globe on a sturdy dark wood base.

It’s quite heavy, at over 9 pounds, and comes with a dimmer control switch and 15-watt incandescent light bulb.

Very positive reviews and this same listing has a range of other salt lamp shapes, like feng shui, flower and angel Himalayan salt lamps.

There’s also an extensive range of different round salt lamps, in deep amber orange and rarer white and gray here at So Well, the salt lamp specialists.

Heart Salt Lamp

Pink crystal glowing heart-shaped salt lamps are a beautiful and unique way to represent love in your home.

The best designed heart salt lamp I’ve seen is this gorgeous double heart design (see customer’s home pictures to see what I mean).

It sits on a wide and stable neem wood table, is approximately 7 inches by 7 inches and up to 7 pounds in weight.

There is also a dimmer switch to keep the pink light low in the evening and they even throw in a free replacement bulb. Overwhelmingly positive reviews and highly recommended.

Angel Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamp angels radiate with a healing pink crystal rock light and offer serene illumination in any living space.

Most carved salt lamps in the angel design are quite simplistic, but this one has deep grooved features and is the best I’ve seen on Amazon.

A low price, good reviews, sturdy wooden base and dimmer switch included make this the best choice for an angel Himalayan salt lamp.Himalayan salt lamp cube

Himalayan Rock Salt Cubes and Rectangles

Distinctive and dramatic, salt lamp crystal cubes and rectangular Himalayan rock lamp designs make a strong visual impact. They also suit modern, minimalist style apartments and homes extremely well.

So Well have the best range of pink salt cube and rectangle designs, including these stunning amber, white and rare gray cubes, alongside 40 pound rectangle feature lamps, also available in a variety of colors.

For smaller square lamps on Amazon, the best salt cube I’ve seen is this good value and deep pink box-shaped lamp from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan.

It comes with a UL certified cord, wooden base to support the crystal cube and 30 day money-back guarantee according to the seller.

For the best rectangle-shaped salt lamp, this glowing amber pink block from D’aplomb looks like a piece of modern art and is highly recommended.

It’s one of the larger Himalayan salt blocks you’ll find at this low price point, 7.5 inches wide and weighing approximately 11.5 pounds.

Owners of this big rectangular salt lamp often comment on how heavy it is. But the base is wide and safe and the home pictures show how good it looks at night.

Rose Salt Lamp

Flower-shaped salt lamps will certainly get noticed. These carved rose designs glow with a beautiful pink crystal light and look great in a central position in your lounge or living room.

The best rose Himalayan salt lamp I’ve seen is this large hand-carved 8 pound lamp from the famous Khewra salt mines.

It comes with a UL certified dimmer cord, an extra 15-watt light bulb and a ‘no hassle’ 90-day warranty, according to the manufacturer D’aplomb.

It looks so good that customers on Amazon love to show off the pictures of this carved rose lamp in their living rooms. It would make a great Mother’s Day gift too.

Raw Crystal Salt Lamps

For the ultimate in natural Himalayan salt rock design, these special raw crystal lamps in amber, white and gray provide a completely different feel to any other kind of salt lamp shape I’ve seen.

They are big salt rocks too, weighing 12 and even up to 20 pounds, and making a dramatic feature lamp in a large living space or holistic healing center.

Teardrop and Egg Shapes

For something more polished, here are two smaller salt lamps in carved egg or oval and smooth teardrop shapes.

This pretty egg lamp from Crystal Allies is 6 inches by 4 inches, extremely good value and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Also by Crystal Allies, this gorgeous teardrop design looks to me like a frozen drop of fiery lava. It could make a great nightlight or bedroom lamp.

See the many customer review pictures of both of these teardrop and egg salt lamps to see how they’d look lit up in your home.Rare Salt Lamp Shapes

Moroccan Flame Salt Lamps

A particularly exotic and stylish design, the Moroccan flame looks quite stunning carved as a salt lamp with its deep orange glow in the shape of a flickering flame.

The highest quality flame style salt lamps I’ve seen are these deep amber and mysterious grey lamps with black swirl metal bases from fair trade salt lamp specialists So Well.

Cross-Shaped Salt Lamp

A salt lamp’s purpose can be whatever you choose it to be. Some people find the soothing and peaceful glow of Himalayan pink salt perfect for a religious symbol like a cross.

Looking through many Himalayan salt lamp cross listings on Amazon at the time of writing, I can’t say I like any of them unfortunately.

The designs seem too rounded, reviews are negative and, importantly, the bases don’t look stable (read more about Himalayan salt lamp warnings here).

If you are looking for a proper Christian cross design then the best option looks to be this angel and cross salt lamp combination by Salacia, currently on a good discount.

This salt lamp cross is the proper shape and on a much steadier base, though for some reason they currently only sell it together like this.

The angel salt lamp could be an extra gift or the two could complement each other lit up together in a special room in your home.

Popular Salt Lamp Shapes

You can find a real Himalayan salt lamp in a natural tower, larger size, pyramid, nightlight, multiple sets and more here if you are looking for something different to the unusual salt lamp shapes shown above.

There’s also the newer smooth polished Himalayan salt lamp bowls, including those with heated massage balls here. These ‘bowls of fire’ are well worth considering as well.

For more rare and different salt lamp colors, like white, gray, red and even purple and blue, see this detailed article.

I hope one of these sphere, heart, cross, rose, crystal cube, Moroccan flame, egg and teardrop, raw crystal or angel Himalayan salt lamps is the unique piece you been looking for.

I’ve certainly researched a lot of pink rock crystal lamps compiling this article and will keep it updated with the best versions of each design that I find.

Is there an even more rare salt lamp shape that you are looking for? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see if I can track it down for you.

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