Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors: What Do Red, White & Grey Salt Lamps Do?

Colored rock salt lamp rangeHimalayan salt lamps can come in a variety of colors. A combination of pink and orange is the most common, however, shades of dark amber and even deep red are sometimes found.

Much rarer are real white Himalayan salt lamps, with brighter crystalline lighting, and authentic dark gray salt lamps with a softer glow.

These special salt lamp colors come from different Himalayan salt veins in Pakistan to the more common orange pink varieties. Consequently, they should be more expensive than regular salt lamps.

Cheap gray or white salt rock lamps are very likely to be fakes and poorly made so should be avoided.

How Do Salt Lamps Get Their Color?

Himalayan salt lamp colors come from mineral concentrations inside the salt crystals, particularly iron. Though there are actually more than 80 different trace minerals found in the ancient salt of the Himalayas.

White salt lamps contain much less iron than pink lamps. While deep oranges and particularly red colored lamps have significantly higher iron content.

Gray Himalayan salt lamps are infused with more magnesium and sulfur, in addition to iron. This gives them their much darker color.

5 Different Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors and the Best Way to Use Them

1. White Salt Lamps

Genuine white Himalayan salt lamps are quite rare and you should expect them to be more expensive than regular pink crystal lamps if they are not fakes.

Himalayan white crystal salt is usually mined from the outer fringes of the Khewra salt mine and is much less abundant than pink and orange tinged salt.

These lighter colored rock salt lamps are brighter than other versions and suit rooms where the extra illumination is helpful, like a home office, dining room or poorly lit living room.Handmade fairtrade saltlighting

In color therapy, white Himalayan salt lamp benefits include physical and emotional healing and releasing negativity. Their bright, crystal filtered light is reported as energizing, purifying and uplifting to the senses.

You can see the best range of authentic and high quality white salt lights at this specialist producer with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

2. Gray Himalayan Salt Lamps

Perhaps even more rare than white rock crystal lamps are the unusual dark gray salt lamps from the Bahadur Khel salt mine in Pakistan.

Higher iron, sulfur and magnesium mineral content gives them their darker color and they have a much softer glow than pink or white salt lamps.

Gray rock salt lamps, also sometimes called black salt lamps, are best for bedrooms where you don’t want too much light. They could even make a beautiful night light in the children’s bedroom.

You can see the best range of fair-trade choices for theses distinctive lamps here, including towers, pyramids, raw crystals and exotic cubes and Moroccan flames. This model on Amazon also looks great value (also in white).

I’d recommend caution when looking at cheap gray or black salt lamps on eBay, Alibaba or other discount online retailers as they could well be fake, unlikely to last and even dangerous. More on salt lamp dangers here.

One unusual benefit of gray salt lamps is that, due to their darker color, they get warmer than other salt crystal lamp shades like white, pink or amber.

This extra heat would increase the hygroscopic effect and enhance their air cleaning properties. Another reason why they are so good in the bedroom.

There’s much more on how Himalayan salt lamps work here, important factors to look for when choosing one and potential benefits of having them in your home.Fair-trade saltlighting

3. Red Salt Lamps

A dark red Himalayan salt lamp provides deep and intense colors and a mysterious glow in any room it is placed in.

Red in color therapy is known as a stimulating, warming and passionate color. Its benefits are said to include increasing energy, enhancing motivation and boosting circulation in your body for better health.

A red salt lamp will be mined from a similar vein of salt to pink and orange versions, but will contain a higher concentration of iron within its salt crystals.

It can be difficult to source a darker red Himalayan salt lamp as they will usually be sold alongside normal lamps and just considered a darker version of the same model.

One way to get a deeper colored salt lamp is to buy them in a larger size. Bigger salt lamps have more depth of salt crystals for internal salt lamp bulbs to penetrate, increasing the darker colors of the spectrum like red in the light they emit.

These extra-large fair trade lamps make for a visually stunning feature and have the best chance of providing a deep red glow in larger living space.

4. Orange Salt Rock Lamps

While the term ‘pink Himalayan salt lamp’ is often used, most people would describe the majority of salt lamps as being pinkish orange in color. More amber and reddish-orange tones are also relatively common Himalayan salt lamp colors.

Orange salt lamps illuminate your lounge room or bedroom with a soothing and warming glow. In color therapy they represent calmness, relaxation and positivity and are said to benefit your nervous system and elimination channels.

Alongside relaxing in the evening, an extra benefit of an orange-colored salt lamp could also be in helping you get to sleep.

Many people now wear ‘blue-blocker’ orange glasses in the evening to enhance proper sleep patterns. The orange glow of a salt lamp is surely an easier and more beautiful way to get the same effect.

While orange colored rock salt lamps are common, you can get one that really stands out by choosing one of these unique salt lamp shapes, like globes, crystal cubes, angels, crosses, flowers, raw crystals and Moroccan flames.

Salt lights in grey and amber

5. Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Lamps

Pink salt crystal lamps, like this beautiful one I have on my desk, usually contain fewer minerals than orange, red or gray lamps, though far more than white Himalayan salt lamps.

They also provide a brighter glow in a smaller size and are perfect for dining room tables and living rooms that need extra light.

Energetically, pink salt lamps represent love, kindness and peace and the color usually has a soothing and calming effect on your body and mind.

Other Salt Lamp Colors and Color Changing Himalayan Salt Lamps

You can find various different colored salt lamps in purple, blue, green and more — all lit by a colored bulb inside the salt light.

Purple and blue salt lamps seem particularly popular and vivid versions like this one certainly provide a different color and feel. I think the term ‘blue Himalayan salt lamp’ is misleading though.

Most of these that I’ve seen on popular sites look to be cheaper light pink salt lights with imperfections and from lower quality salt mines. I suspect these brightly colored salt lamps are seen as a good way to sell stock that would otherwise be considered inferior.

Real Persian salt lamps from Iran do exist but are extremely rare in the USA for obvious reasons. Also known as a purple salt lamp, they come in shades from blue to purple to rose quartz.

Unfortunately all salt lights I could find labelled Persian salt lamp in 2022 were obvious fakes that would probably be cheaply made and of poor quality.

A Salt Lamp that Changes Colors?

Taking the concept even further are color changing salt lamps, where a special light bulb inside shines with various different colored lights on a changing rotation.

This inexpensive multi color changing lamp in purples, blues, greens, reds and more can be plugged into any USB port and would make for an unusual and distinctive gift.

Personally though, I’d much rather have the natural pink-orange glow of an authentic Himalayan salt lamp in my home.

Which Himalayan Salt Lamp Color Is Best?

Choosing the best colored salt lamp will depend on your personality and where you want to position it in your home.

If you feel you need more energy, positivity and motivation and want a brighter salt lamp then a pink or genuine white Himalayan salt lamp would make a great choice, particularly in your dining room, home office or living room.

For lounge rooms and other places you relax, an orange lamp can be a soothing and restful choice. While for the bedroom, a darker red or even rare gray salt lamp provides a softer glow to help you sleep.

There’s much more on the best salt lamps here in a wide variety of sizes, unusual shapes and distinctive colors.

You can also read here about how a salt rock lamp works, their beneficial effects and if they generate air cleaning negative ions.