How to Replace a Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulb: What Bulbs Do Salt Lamps Use?

Salt rock bulbsIf you own a Himalayan salt lamp then eventually you will have to replace the light bulb. But what kind of light bulbs do salt lamps use?

This Himalayan salt lamp bulb replacement guide has exactly what you need to know to choose the right salt lamp light bulbs for different sized lamps.

It covers whether you should use 15, 25 or 40-watt bulbs, the correct sockets and shapes and 3 recommended salt lamp light bulbs depending on the size of your salt rock lamp.

Also ahead, detailed instructions on how to safely change salt lamp bulbs and get your Himalayan salt lamp radiating a beautiful glow again in no time.

Light Bulbs for Salt Lamps

A real Himalayan salt lamp requires heat from the light bulb inside it to work properly. This is why it’s recommended to keep salt lamp light bulbs switched on at all times.

Importantly, low heat LED light bulbs should never be used inside salt rock lamps. They don’t work.

Salt lamps are hygroscopic, meaning they attract microscopic water vapor from the surrounding air. A special heat producing light bulb like this then warms up the salt crystals and evaporates away the moisture.

Your salt lamp should feel warm to touch and not be wet with moisture. If it is, then the salt lamp light bulb needs replacement with a stronger wattage bulb.

What Bulbs Do Salt Lamps Use?

Himalayan salt lamps require incandescent light bulbs that produce heat. 15-watt bulbs are most commonly used, but 25-watt and even 40-watt light bulbs are better suited for larger rock salt lamps.

A E12 candelabra bulb with a screw in socket (also known as C7) is used in the vast majority of pink salt lamps sold in America.

People often ask: “What wattage bulb can I use in a salt lamp?”. It depends on the size of the lamp.

  • For small to medium sized salt lamps weighing up to 10 pounds use a 15-watt light bulb.
  • For large salt lamps between 11 and 20 pounds use a 25-watt bulb.
  • And for extra large Himalayan lamps over 21 pounds use a 40-watt salt lamp bulb.

If you live in a very humid climate and your salt lamp is dripping water, even when switched on all day, you need a Himalayan salt lamp bulb replacement with a higher wattage.

The Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Light Bulbs to Buy

There are a few important factors to look for when buying replacement bulbs for salt lamps:

  1. Make sure they have a E12 candelabra bulb socket (unless your salt lamp instructions clearly say that it is one of the rare models that uses a different light fitting).
  2. Light bulbs for salt lamps should be thin, not wide. Torpedo or tubular designs are preferable to wide bulbs that may touch the salt, attract moisture and short out the electrical fitting.
  3. Check they are made by a reputable company with good reviews. Cheap salt rock lamp bulbs that keep on blowing are false economy. Long-lasting salt lamp light bulbs save you money in the long run.

The Best 15-Watt Salt Lamp Light Bulb

Levoit make beautiful and high quality pink lamps, like this stunning bestseller, with 2 free light bulbs.

They also make these well-designed and extremely popular 15-watt bulbs for Himalayan salt lamps.

They come in 6-packs, are nice and small at 0.86 inches by 2.2 inches and are dimmable and good value.

There are close to 300 vastly positive reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. I also like the extra assurance of ordering from a big brand with a reputation to uphold.

Recommended 25-Watt Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulb Replacement

25-watt salt lamp light bulbs will be significantly brighter than 15-watt ones and they are best in larger salt lamps well over 10 pounds.

These 25-watt GoodBulb dimmable light bulbs are long-lasting and small and thin at 0.75 inches by 3 inches with a E12 candelabra base.

Many positive reviews for this stronger wattage 6-pack of Himalayan salt lamp bulbs and they should last you for a long time.

Himalayan salt lamp bulb size

The Best 40-Watt Salt Rock Lamp Replacement Bulbs

Bigger Himalayan salt lamps require stronger bulbs to work properly and warm up the larger surface area of pink salt crystals.

Unfortunately, good 60-watt or 40-watt light bulbs for salt lamps are much harder to find on Amazon. Bad reviews abound with many customer complaints about blown bulbs and overheating.

The best I’ve found is this excellent value torpedo style 12 pack in warm white 40-watt and a full 2700K glow. There are also 60-watt salt lamp bulbs available on the same listing.

They’re a bit larger than the previous 15-watt and 25-watt bulbs at 1.26 inches by 3.5 inches so check your lamp has space. Generally though, big salt rock lamps over 20 pounds have a much larger hollowed out center.

90 day warranty, according to the seller, and with 12 bulbs per pack they should last you for many years. This looks like the best choice for 40-watt Himalayan salt lamp bulbs.

How to Replace a Salt Lamp Bulb

When you buy a high quality Himalayan salt lamp, like one of these beautifully designed fair trade lamps, it should come with detailed instructions for how to change the bulb inside your salt lamp.

If it doesn’t, then try one of these 2 methods to replace the bulb inside your salt rock lamp. In all cases, make sure the light fitting cord is switched off and unplugged first.

Method 1

Gently check if the salt lamp base can be rotated and removed while upright. With some popular salt lamp brands, like WBM Himalayan Glow salt lamps, you can simply rotate the wooden base and lift it up off the light fitting.

Place the salt crystal on a protected surface and unscrew the old light bulb counterclockwise to remove it. Fit the new salt rock lamp bulb by screwing it in clockwise.

Check it works by switching it on and off then carefully replace the salt crystal over the top of the light fitting and rotate the base back into place.

Method 2

Salt lamp light bulb replacement in most models requires placing your lamp on its side on a protected surface first.

Next see if you can gently pull out the light fitting from the base. Often there are two metal prongs that you can squeeze together to remove the light fitting.

Some models may have the light fitting screwed into the base. In this case unscrew the outer screws, but not the center one.

Once detached, pull the light bulb fitting out slowly to avoid breaking it. Then remove the blown bulb by turning it counterclockwise.

Fit the new salt lamp bulb by screwing it in clockwise and check it works by turning the light on and off. Now you can reinsert the light fitting into your salt lamp and it will be as good as new.

The Right Salt Lamp Light Bulbs

Using high-quality replacement salt lamp bulbs, like these recommended ones, saves you time and money in the long run.

Remember that salt lamp light bulb size should be small and thin, have an E12 candelabra socket and be proper heat producing bulbs to work effectively, not low heat LEDs.

Lastly, and importantly, use 15-watt salt lamp bulbs for small to medium salt lights and 25-watt or even 40-watt replacement bulbs for larger sized Himalayan salt lamps.

There’s much more on salt lamp care here as well as the many benefits of Himalayan salt lamps and how they clean the air in your home of indoor air pollution.

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