Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowls with Massage Stones and Fire Bowls

Salt rock crystal bowlHere are the top ‘bowl of fire’ salt lamp designs for your home in 2021. As well as new pink crystal salt bowls with heated massage balls.

Also ahead, Himalayan salt stone benefits, how to use them to give a relaxing massage and care instructions for Himalayan salt massage stones.

What Is a Salt Lamp Bowl?

Salt rock lamps come in some wide variety of designs. One the has become increasingly popular in recent years is the Himalayan salt lamp bowl style.

These specially carved salt crystal lamps are known by many different names like fire bowls, serenity bowls, bowl of fire and pink salt bowls.

The bowl itself is carved smooth and inside are chunks of Himalayan rock salt arranged over a warming bulb to provide a deep orange glow. In a darkened room, these salt lamp bowls really do seem to radiate like fire.

Salt Bowl Lamps with Himalayan Salt Massage Balls

A beautiful variation on this design is the newer Himalayan rock salt bowls with circular massage stones.

Instead of rough chunks of rock salt, these bowls are filled with smoothly carved balls of Himalayan pink salt. They are heated by the salt lamp light bulb below and once warmed up are perfect for massage.

Many people online love the feeling of heated Himalayan salt balls for massage. They certainly provide a unique new way to enjoy the benefits of salt lamps as well.

Top Salt Crystal Fire Bowls 2021

Salt Lamp with Massage Balls

A Himalayan salt fire bowl makes a stunning addition to any living space. Here are the best 2 pink crystal salt bowl lamps I’ve found online.

1. Pink Serenity Bowl of Fire by So Well

So Well are the authentic and fair trade Himalayan salt lamp specialists and this gorgeous serenity bowl is of the highest quality. It comes in glowing amber as well as rare grey and white salt lamp bowls.

These fire bowls are 7 inches high by 6 inches wide and come with an extra long UL certificate dimmer cord and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

2. IndusClassic Firebowl on Amazon

After reading all of the reviews of popular bowl of fire salt lamps on Amazon, this deep red IndusClassic design looks to be the best option in 2021.

It comes with a 6 ft UL approved cord with dimmer switch, dark wood base and a good number of glowing salt rocks to arrange around the bowl. The customer pictures show how great it looks in low light too.

Best Himalayan Salt Bowl with Massage Stones 2021

These unique salt lamps have the added benefit that you can give a Himalayan salt stone massage with them once they are warmed up.

Here are 2 highly recommended Himalayan pink rock salt lamp bowls with heated massage balls inside them.

1. Himalayan Salt Massage Ball Fire Bowl

Bowl of fire lamps with massage stones combine the benefits of both Himalayan salt lamps and massage therapy in your home.

Beautifully hand-carved and fair trade, this lamp is currently on discount and comes with 6 massage balls, an extra long UL certificate cord with dimmer switch and 30 day satisfaction guarantee from So Well.

2. Pursalt Natural Himalayan Salt Ball Bowl on Amazon

Pursalt are known for making good quality salt lamps, including this pretty salt fire bowl with 5 large massage stones. The hundreds of customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive too.

It is hand-carved from pink crystal salt in Pakistan, has a 6 foot cord, a genuine Neem wood base and comes with 2 extra 25 watt salt lamp bulbs included.

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Serenity bowlOnce warmed by the bulb beneath the salt rock lamp, Himalayan salt balls are perfect to use for massage. Roll them firmly over the same muscles and areas of the body as you would when giving a regular massage.

A salt ball massage is especially good at promoting relaxation by activating your parasympathetic nervous system that reduces stress and tension and allows your mind to relax and unwind.

How to Use Himalayan Salt Massage Stones

A masseuse can use Himalayan salt balls as an extension of their hand and roll the hot stones over the back, neck, arms and legs of the person being massaged.

You can also give yourself a salt stone massage by first warming up the salt rock balls and then rubbing them up and down your arms, over the back of your calves and thighs, and particularly across your shoulders and the back of your neck.

Himalayan salt stones can even give you a great foot massage. To do this, place 2 salt balls per foot on a protective cloth on the floor and roll them under your feet while seated.

This hot stone massage technique is great for relieving plantar fasciitis and other forms of foot pain. Or just for soothing sore foot arches after a long day in high heels or leather shoes.

Himalayan rock salt is naturally antibacterial but it’s still a good idea to clean your pink salt balls with a slightly damp, but not wet, cloth before you place them back in their bowl.

Salt Rock Lamp Bowls at Home

Have you tried using a Himalayan salt bowl lamp with heated massage stones before? Or do you have a bowl of fire salt lamp like this in your home?

I’d be interested in hearing what you think of the Himalayan salt lamp bowl design, with or without the heated salt balls, in the comments below.

For other kinds of pink crystal salt lamps, like pyramids, globes, sets, extra large and natural cut lamps in different sizes, see this detailed guide on the best Himalayan salt lamps of 2021.

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