Himalayan Salt Candle Holders: Benefits, Precautions & Best Brands

Himalayan salt tea light holderA salt rock candle holder is a smaller version of the popular Himalayan salt lamps but can they clean the air and do they provide any benefits?

There are a wide variety of salt candles available and ahead you’ll learn where to find them, both at the best value and the most distinctive designs.

Also ahead, the healthiest candles to use in Himalayan salt lamp tealight holders, an important precaution, and a comparison between Himalayan lamps, salt crystal candle holders and regular salt lamps.

What is a Himalayan Salt Candle Holder?

A salt rock candle holder is made of the same mineral-rich Himalayan salt as the more common pink salt crystal lamps.

Unlike a salt lamp though, Himalayan salt tealight holders are heated by a small candle placed inside a hole made at the top, rather than a light bulb underneath.

Salt lamp candles are carved from much smaller blocks of Himalayan rock salt than regular salt lamps and are usually sold in pairs or sets.

These pink salt crystal candles are certainly beautiful to look at. Are there any benefits to using salt candle holders though? And if so, what are the best ones to buy for your home?

The Best Crystal Salt Candles

There are many different salt rock candle styles, colors and designs available. You can find the best-selling and most highly rated ones here on Amazon.

For the best value salt crystal candle holders, have a look at the customer pictures and positive reviews for this pretty collection of 6 in amber or white and at a surprisingly low price for so many.

For a more unique look, see the range of tea light holders from salt lamp specialists SoWell, in pink crystal stars, lotus flowers, amber salt cubes, Yin Yang, and my favorite, the stunning polished globes.

Remember to use non-toxic beeswax candles like these inside them for cleaner air and much longer burning time as well.

Himalayan Salt Candle Benefits

Here are 3 beneficial effects of using Himalayan salt lamp candle holders in your home:

1. Reducing anxiety, improving relaxation and enhancing your mood.

Pink salt candle holders are best used with all electrical lights in the room switched off. Providing a soft amber glow they immediately change the spectrum of light entering your eyes and help you to relax.

While difficult to back up with hard science, color therapy has many proponents and some research shows colors we perceive in our environment can have a strong effect on our emotions and mood.Fair trade Himalayan candle

2. Help you to wind down in the evening and get to sleep more easily.

In a related benefit, using salt candles as your light source in the evening before bed can help you to feel drowsy and get to sleep more easily.

Fluorescent lighting and the light from TVs, tablets and smartphone screens are particularly high in artificial blue light. This blue light disrupts melatonin production, essential for proper sleep.

On the other hand, the gentle orange and pink light of salt candle holders is very low in the blue spectrum. This makes it the ideal lighting for winding down before bed and preparing your body for sleep.

Getting more sleep can have a profound effect on your overall health and well-being. It’s highly recommended to switch off the TV, leave your phone alone and relax before bed in the soft amber glow of a salt lamp or Himalayan salt tea light holder, like one of these stunning designs.

3. Air cleaning properties and negative ions.

Like regular salt lamps, a salt crystal candle holder is hygroscopic. This means it attracts water vapor from the surrounding air onto its surface.

This water vapor carries indoor air pollution, such as particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, dust mite and cockroach waste products and other contaminants.

Once attracted to the salt crystals, these pollutants remain trapped there, while the heat from the candle releases the purified water droplets back into the air.

Also, like Himalayan salt lamps, the candle holders do release small amounts of beneficial negative ions into the air.

Realistically though, one of these true corona discharge negative ionizers are thousands of times more effective at ion generation.

The air purification properties and amounts of negative ions produced by heated Himalayan crystal salt is directly related to its surface area.

Given this, you’d need quite a few salt candles in a room to match the air cleaning potential of just one of these best salt lamps.

Crystal rock salt light

What Candles to Use in Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holders?

There is a big problem with promoting the benefits of salt candle holders, as many other articles online do, and then suggesting regular tea light candles be used in them.

The paraffin wax used to make most cheap tea lights has been found to release toxic particles into the air. While Himalayan salt’s hygroscopic properties might reduce these airborne particulates, this is hardly a healthy option.

A far better choice is to use the much cleaner burning beeswax tea light candles, like these highly recommended and 100% natural ones.

They are non-toxic, burn for much longer and may even release small amounts of negative ions into the air inside your home.

Salt Rock Candle Holders Vs Himalayan Candles

Be careful not to confuse Himalayan salt lamp candle holders with the popular Himalayan candles. They are completely different products.

Himalayan candles are special long-burning ornamental candles like this. They usually use scented soy wax, which is better than toxic paraffin, and another good option for tea lights.

However, despite the similar names, don’t expect them to have the same Himalayan salt candle holder benefits discussed in this article. Personally, I think pink salt candles look much better anyway.

Salt Lamps Vs Himalayan Salt Candles

Salt rock candle holders look beautiful placed around your lounge room, bedroom and other living spaces in your home. You would need quite a few of them though to match the air cleaning properties of a large salt lamp.

This set of 6 pink salt lights would make for an inexpensive start and many people prefer having multiple salt lamp candles lighting up different parts of a room.

That said, any one of these recommended Himalayan salt lamps seems like an easier and healthier option for regular use.

Himalayan pink salt rock candles may be best used for special occasions, when you really need to relax, and for preparing for bed in the evening.

Have you used Himalayan salt candle holders before and if so did you notice any benefits from them? I’d be interested to read your comments and which ones you like the best.

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