Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp Guide: Best Natural Crystal, Plug-In & Basket Designs

Himalayan salt basket lampsOne of the most popular salt lamp brands on the market are Himalayan Glow by WBM International.

Many people see these inexpensive lamps online and wonder if they can be real and of good quality being so cheap to buy.

In this article I’ll review the best Himalayan Glow salt lamps, including pros and cons, the ones I recommend and where there are better alternatives.

Who Are WBM International?

With headquarters in the Flemington, New Jersey in the USA, WBM International are a company selling natural home products with a particular focus on Himalayan crystal salt.

Himalayan Glow is the brand name they use for their extensive catalog of salt rock lamps from the salt mines of Pakistan in the foothills of the Himalayas.

While they cover many styles, shapes and sizes, WBM have a particularly large number of towers and basket designs.

I’ll review the best of these salt basket lamps and other recommended Himalayan Glow models, such as natural crystal, black metal frame and plug-in lamps, ahead.

I hope the many hours of research in this guide helps you find the right one to bring the many benefits of a salt crystal lamp into your home.

WBM Hand Carved Natural Crystal Salt Lights

Himalayan Glow make some very popular models. One of their bestsellers is the inexpensive WBM 1002 model.

This traditional pink mineral lamp is 9 inches by 5 inches, sits on a Neem wood base and has a 6-foot cord and dimmer switch, ETL certified according to UL standards.

It has well over 23,000 customer reviews here at the time of writing, around 1000 answered questions and hundreds of revealing home pictures.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more popular salt light with such extensive customer feedback anywhere online.Himalayan Glow crystal salt lamp

Himalayan Glow Customer Reviews

One concern is a small percentage of negative reviews for this particular WBM lamp regarding the dimmer switch overheating and even melting.

I wrote to the company asking about this issue with Himalayan Glow dimmer switches and their customer service replied with:

Thanks for reaching out to us. Yes, we changed the design of the dimmer controller and made it safer to avoid this problem. You can purchase the lamp without any hesitation. It’s 100% safe to use.

This does seem to acknowledge that there was a quality issue with the dimmer controller in the past but it has since been rectified.

Now all Himalayan Glow lamps on Amazon highlight their ‘safety and quality’ and note their ETL electrical safety certification.

To be fair, most of the bad customer reviews appear to be from several years ago and recent feedback on this model seems much more positive.

It’s also important to note that WBM is a different company to the one that made Lumière salt lights, famously recalled by Michaels stores in the USA in January 2017.

There’s much more on Himalayan salt lamp warnings here. It’s especially important to read if you have small children or pets.

Salt Rock Light Sets

Two lamps are much better than one for providing the most benefits and air cleaning potential. Having a pair of salt rock lights doesn’t have to be expensive either.

This new twin handcrafted set is excellent value and can be used in separate rooms or positioned on either side of your bed or favorite couch. They’d make a great gift too.

Larger WBM Lamps

Like multiple salt crystal lamps, bigger and heavier pink salt rocks have a much larger surface area to purify the surrounding air with their hygroscopic properties.

This big feature lamp will definitely get noticed. It’s between 11 and 15 pounds and is hand-carved from pink salt crystal deposits in the Himalayan Mountains.

Be aware that extra-large models often need stronger wattage bulbs to evaporate moisture on the crystal salt properly. The right salt lamp light bulbs and how to fit them can be found here.Decorative basket salt lamps

Himalayan Salt Baskets

WBM International sell an extensive range of different basket lamps under the Himalayan Glow brand and many customers seem to especially like this design.

Here are the best WBM Himalayan salt basket styles currently on offer and the pros and cons of each.

Round Basket Salt Lamp

The most popular basket lamp by this brand on Amazon is this pretty black wire frame design filled with pink salt rocks arranged around a glowing heart.

Customer pictures clearly show how good this pink salt basket looks in low light. Many also comment on it being much bigger and heavier than they expected when they ordered it.

It comes with a 15-watt bulb, UL/ETL certified 6-foot cord with a dimmer switch and is around 8 inches wide and approximately 8 pounds in weight.

The height of this round basket design will depend on how you arrange the crystal salt blocks over the light bulb inside once you get it.

Also be aware that salt basket models like this can have an issue with sweating in humid environments, particularly if switched off for long periods.

You can learn about how to prevent your salt lamp leaking water here and other important care instructions to make them last a lifetime.

Himalayan Glow Ionic Salt Crystal Wavy Basket Lamp

This pretty and stylish pillar lamp design made with wavy metal is another popular and inexpensive style well worth considering.

Like most lamps by this manufacturer, it comes with a 15-watt bulb, UL/ETL certified cord with dimmer control and 30-day replacement warranty, according to WBM.

At 5.3 inch by 7.9 inch dimensions and 6 to 8 pounds in weight, it’s narrower and a bit lighter than the round basket lamp reviewed above.

This design has been described as ‘bohemian’, ‘really lovely’ and ‘super attractive’ in customer feedback and pictures. Have a look to see if this style of lamp would suit your house or apartment.

Cheap Himalayan Rock Salt Baskets

For a smaller night light pillar lamp, at an extremely low price and free shipping, see this cute picket fence pink crystal model. It’s one of the cheapest salt rock lamps to buy online I’ve seen.

It’s 7 inches by 4 inches so not big, but being such good value you could easily get two of them for a twin glow in your living room or bedroom.

For a very different kind of night light, consider these very attractive Himalayan salt candle holders as well.Pillar salt lamp

More WBM Basket Designs

A pink crystal salt basket lamp can make a beautiful addition to any living space and Himalayan Glow have a great number of them for sale.

Looking through their full range you can find wire lanterns, bamboo baskets, enclosed pyramids, white framed lamps and many more.

Another visually stunning alternative to the basket design are ‘bowl of fire’ Himalayan salt lamp bowls, with smooth polished surfaces and glowing amber rock salt chunks arranged inside.

Plug-In Models

A much newer style that WBM International have started making are plug-in salt lamps. They connect directly to a power socket, like these inexpensive cage and lattice designs.

As a soft amber alternative light source, I think these decorative salt lights would look best in a lounge or dining room as a pair.

Check if you have power points in the right places before buying these plug-in salt rock lamps as they don’t have power cords and attach directly to electrical outlets.

Other Brands and Designs

WBM Himalayan Glow are one of the biggest names in pink salt crystal lamps online. There are many other popular brands and more distinctive styles on the market though.

So Well, the fair-trade specialists, have a great range of artisan-made lamps here in some exclusive designs you’ll find nowhere else.

You can also see my recommendations for the best Himalayan salt lamps here, in a wide range of different sizes and styles. As well as rare salt rock lamp colors like white, gray, red and more.

As extensive as the WBM’s salt lamp collection is, there are many unusual shapes like globes, cubes, hearts and angels that they don’t cover. If you like more exotic lamps then those recommendations are definitely worth checking out.

Are you considering buying a Himalayan Glow salt crystal lamp? If so I hope this review of the best WBM International models has been helpful in finding the perfect natural crystal, plug-in or basket lamp for your home.

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I been wondering if my salt lamps are the real deal, as I bought them at Dollar General and I went online looking for WBM/ Himalayan glow reviews and company info. I didn’t find much – your article was most informative however, you never really mentioned if they are real Himalayan salt. I can only presume that their lamps are real due to the article being quite extensive.


Hi Felicia. According to the WBM international website Himalayan Glow salt lamps are mined in the Khewra salt mine at the foothills of the Himalayas.


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