Vortex High Density Negative Ionizer by Wein

Excessive concentrations of positive ions and airborne pollutants and bacteria can gradually wear down your immune system, but the health benefits of negative ions can help.

This Wein VI-2500 high-density ionic air purifier seen here on Amazon is a true high density negative ion generator with an amazing ion output of 450 trillion ions per cubic centimeter a second and with a coverage of 800 square feet (a 40′ x 20′ room).

According to American based manufacturer Wein, this air ionizer removes airborne particles like pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria and viruses as small as .01 microns.

These pollutants and allergens can become trapped in your lungs causing respiratory problems and illnesses, but the Wein VI-2500 ionizer will eliminate more than 98% of these particles from the breathable air in a very large room.

It is simple to use, filter-free and actively draws airborne pollutants toward it for constant air purification.

This negative ion generator also produces no detectable ozone, uses less than 6 watts of power and even continuous operation costs just pennies a month.

The Wein VI-2500 high-density negative ionizer comes with a one year warranty and is a powerful way to generate high levels of air purifying negative ions in your home.

More customer reviews, details and technical specifications here where this powerful ionizer is much cheaper than on the manufacturer’s website.

There’s more of the best air ionizers here reviewed in detail for a full comparison. Also consider the top bedroom air purifiers & quiet air filters for small rooms covered here.

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I’ve seen some air ionizers for $350 and up. This one-Wein VI-2500 (around $70) seems very powerful and it is much cheaper.
Ionic Comfort Air Purifier
Why the disparity in price? Thanks


Hi Gus,

I’m not sure but the Wein ionizer is one of the most popular on the site and has some good reviews on Amazon https://negativeionizers.net/go/wein-high-density-ionizer/


I recently stumbled onto the benefits of negative ions and there is one thing I cannot find an answer too; maybe you can help. If these ionizers should not be put near electronics; how safe are the usb ionizers for your computer and the 12V for your vehicle? Or do they even work? Thanks for your time


Hi Kim,

The effect would be very minor, especially for a vehicle. The only potential problem I could see is if the ion discharging needle actually touched sensitive electronics equipment directly.

Hope this helps,



Yes they work in your car. Just did a 7 day road trip with 13 people in 3 cars and everyone wanted to ride in my car because it had the wein cigarette lighter one in it. You don’t get driving fatigue like normal and the car smells clean as well.

Also, I’ve been researching the science and health behind ions and I also have purchased the wein 2500 I believe it’s called for my whole house and I am 100% blown away. I have not coughed or sneezed in my house for over 3 weeks.

My mom has COPD , full time oxygen, and she and my dad got one and it also has changed her life and energy and her sleeping habits in just 3 weeks.

I know approximately 7 people that own them now and everyone has had the same positive experience. So I feel for $100-$150 per unit it might just be the cheapest item you could get that improves the air you breath better than any other product on the market.

Especially if you are not in perfect health or have allergies and around children that bring home bacteria and virus’s from school and playing.


Hi Scott and thanks for the positive feedback.

It’s great to hear that ionizers are working so well for you and your family.

Could I ask which model the Wein cigarette lighter one is? I’ll have to look into it.

All the best,



I’ve read reviews that say the ionizer stains the walls and cannot be cleaned. How can I prevent this from happening?


Hi Karen,

Keep ionizers about 30cms or more away from walls and you shouldn’t have any problems. Sometimes there are some on the surface the ionizer rests on. The marks are just accumulated airborne particles and I’ve never had problems cleaning them if needed.

All the best,



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