Hayata Car Air Purifier with Ionizer and HEPA Filter

Car filterIf you drive in a polluted environment, have bad smells in your vehicle you can’t get rid of, or just want the best air purifier for your car, then consider the Hayata car air purifier.

It comes with 5 different air cleaning technologies:

  1. A true HEPA filter to trap airborne allergens like pollen, pet dander and dust.
  2. A germicidal ultraviolet lamp with photocatalyst filter to kill viruses, bacteria, mildew and fungi, as well as breakdown harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and ammonia.
  3. An activated carbon filter to absorb cigarette smoke, food smells and other odors like body sweat.
  4. A nano-silver filter that also kills germs, mold spores and other pathogens.
  5. And a strong negative ionizer generating 10,000,000 ions per second.

The Hayata auto air purifier would be especially good for those who have to regularly drive on roads with a lot of pollution, or for families that have children with allergies or pets in the car.

It plugs directly into a normal 12-volt car power supply (cigarette lighter) but is a larger auto ionizer than the other units reviewed. Dimensions are listed at 8.1 × 6.2 × 2.1 inches.

There’s many reviews, pictures and answered questions here for this auto purifier. It’s the best ionizer/air filter combination for cars currently available on Amazon and good value for the regular driver who cares about the air quality in their vehicle.

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I am an instructor at a truck driving school. hours at a time inside truck with 4 students. I want something (that will kill germs,viruses?? etc.) something powerful, no toy for a passenger car. I will even install a a/c converter if need be to run it. I would apprectiate your recommendations. thanks. john


Hi John,

I’ve written about the best car air ionizers/purifiers here https://negativeionizers.net/best-car-ionizer-reviews/

All the best,



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