Genuine Vs Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps — 5 Signs of a Hoax & 5 Buying Tips for Real Ones

Pink crystal salt rock lamp forgeryWith the popularity of Himalayan pink rock salt lights in recent years, it’s not surprising that fakes have become common place in the salt lamp market.

Here’s 5 helpful tips for avoiding low quality and fake Himalayan salt lamps and why they’re not worth the risk.

Also ahead are 5 important factors to keep in mind when buying a genuine pink salt rock lamp for your home.

5 Ways to Spot a Hoax ⁠— Fake Salt Lamp Signs

Here’s how to tell if a Himalayan salt lamp is real or one of the many fakes:

1. It Doesn’t Come from the Khewra Salt Mine

The original and still most popular pink rock salt tower design was first carved in the famous Khewra salt mine in Pakistan in the Himalayas region.

This is where the best quality pink crystal salt comes from and, by definition, genuine ‘Himalayan’ lamps should come from this mine.

Savvy buyers know to look for this so salt lamp sellers will proudly state that their product comes from Khewra if that’s where it’s carved. If they don’t then suspect an inferior quality fake.

2. Too Light in Color and Bright When You Switch It On

If you unwrap your salt lamp, plug it in and find it lights up your room with the same sort of brightness as a regular lamp then you probably have a cheap forgery.

Real Himalayan rock salt is rich in trace minerals like iron. Salt crystal lamps made from it consequently have deeper amber and pinkish orange color tones.

Genuine lamps will give off a more subdued and soothing lighting, naturally low in sleep disrupting blue light. They are perfect for relaxing in the evening before sleeping.

An exception to this rule are the rarer white salt lamps which provide a more energizing glow than regular pink salt lights.

3. It’s White or Gray but Still Cheap

Stylish darker grey and crystalline white Himalayan salt lamps do exist, but the real ones won’t be cheap, certainly not less expensive than regular pink salt lamps. If they are then you’ve spotted a fake.

The best place to buy high quality and genuine grey and white salt lamps is here at specialists So Well. They have the best range of fair trade Himalayan salt lamps in America.

You can also learn more about different colored salt lamps here, how white, grey, red and other colors affect you and the best places for them in your home.Real White Grey and Pink Salt Lights

4. It Doesn’t Sweat or Flake Salt

A genuine Himalayan salt crystal lamp is hygroscopic and attracts water to its surface. Usually the heat producing light bulb inside will evaporate this water off.

This process is essential for the way they naturally clean the air and you can learn more about how salt lamps work here.

When you turn the light inside off though it’s normal for an authentic salt lamp to sweat and drip water, particularly in warmer weather. If it doesn’t then you’ve probably been sold a hoax.

Real rock salt lamps will also naturally shed flakes of salt and crumble quiet easily when touched. If a lamp’s surface it hard rather than soft it could be a fake.

There’s more detailed information here on salt lamp shedding, leaking, turning white and cleaning.

5. The Salt Lamp is Cheap, Has No Warranty and No UL Approved Electrical Fittings

The 4 previous signs of a fake Himalayan salt lamp all scam you out of your money for an inferior product.

However, poorly made lamps without ETL certified or UL approved light fittings are much worse because they are outright dangerous for you and your family.

There have been fake salt lamps recalled due to faulty electrical wiring that overheated, melted and could have started house fires. More on salt lamp warnings here.

The best way to avoid this is by choosing a guaranteed authentic Himalayan lamp, like one of these beautiful designs, from a specialist supplier like So Well.

All have strong warranties, ETL certified/UL approved light fixtures and aren’t that much more than the cheap fakes on Ebay, Alibaba, and other places online that fraudsters and scammers like to ply their trade.

How to Choose a Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp — 5 Important Factors

When choosing a salt rock lamp for your home there are several aspects to be aware of to get the best deal. It’s not just about getting the lowest price.

A high quality one can last for a lifetime so it’s worth paying a little more for a design that will look great, be long lasting and provide the most benefits.

Here are 5 different areas to keep in mind when buying a real Himalayan salt lamp for your home.

Salt lamp hoax

1. Depth of Color

Every salt lamp is unique and the different combination of colors that makes up yours can vary significantly.

Generally though, the darker shades of pink and orange are considered of higher quality. Very light pink, especially with black deposits visible within it, can be a sign that it’s a fake or was mined from a lower quality vein of salt.

For color therapy, predominantly pink salt lights are associated with positive emotions, closeness and love. While more orange lamps are said to impart a sense of security and be beneficial for your nervous system and internal detoxification.

Most Himalayan salt crystal lights are actually a combination of both color spectrums. Depth of color is generally considered a good sign of quality though. Unless of course it’s a rare white salt lamp.

2. Size and Weight

The weight of a salt lamp is a good indication of its size and air cleaning ability. The bigger and heavier it is the more benefits you should notice from it.

Price is of course a factor though, so if your budget is limited then use these weight ranges as a guide of the recommended size for different kinds of rooms on your home:

  • For a coffee table or desk a smaller pink salt light around 5 pounds is okay, though it should be quite close to you. If this isn’t possible choose a larger size.
  • For small bedrooms, mid-sized Himalayan lamps around 6 – 10 pounds, like this pretty one on Amazon, are fine and provide a soothing glow in the evening.
  • For a larger bedroom, kitchen or small lounge room it’s better to get a model at least 10 pounds in weight or more. This beautiful and high quality design would be a good choice.
  • For bigger lounge rooms and living spaces, as well as office environments where there is more electromagnetic radiation, it’s better to buy a large lamp, at least 15 pounds. Preferably a much larger one, like any of these standout feature lamps, for superior air cleaning.

There’s much more here on the best salt lamps, including baskets, nightlights, pairs and sets and oversize lamps.

Pink rock crystals

3. Shape — Polished Vs Carved

The shape of your lamp won’t affect its ability to clean the air or release ions. Only the surface area is important here, thus the higher benefits for your health attributed to bigger lamps.

In theory, polished designs, like these unusual salt lamp shapes, while very distinctive, have a slightly reduced surface so may be a bit less effective at air filtering than the rough carved versions of the same size.

There is also a tenancy for fake rock salt lamps to be made in strange designs rather than traditional hand-carved towers.

4. Quality and Warranty

Make sure you buy a good quality Himalayan lamp if you’re going to invest in one. This is important both for the authentic pink crystal salt and for how well the base has been attached.

A strong and secure base is very important for the larger designs that can be quite heavy and need good support. When positioning them in a home with very young children be especially aware of their stability.

Legit brands will also have a ETL certified/UL approved light fixtures and a way to hold the light bulb securely in place.

Dimmer switches could also be useful if you intend to use the salt light in your bedroom or for dimming lounge room lighting in the evening before going to bed.

Read the reviews and check that other people are happy with the construction quality of any Himalayan pink salt lamp you are considering for your home.

Faults can happen but good sellers should rectify any problems quickly. Buying on Amazon, or through a good specialist retailer like So Well, who guarantee their quality and authenticity, does give you extra protection as well with their simple return policy.

5. The Right Light Bulbs

Another important factor to consider is the wattage of the bulb that comes with your salt lamp. Without a strong heat producing light the lamp won’t evaporate moisture properly and can drip water into the base or even onto furniture.

A well made salt lamp should feel warm to the touch when working properly. As a general guide, you can use a 15-watt bulb for small to medium lamps, and you’ll usually want at least a 25-watt bulb for larger sized models.

If your lamp isn’t warm or drips too much water, particularly in humid environments, try increasing the wattage of the light within it to rectify the problem. If this doesn’t work then it could be a fake as real Himalayan salt heats up easily.

Also remember that you need to use a proper heat producing bulb like this. Energy efficient low heat bulbs aren’t suitable. Any authentic brand will come with the right kind of light bulb but remember this when you eventually replace them.

There much more on Himalayan salt lamp bulb replacement, including the right size and wattage, good brands and how to replace a blown bulb properly.

Avoiding Fakes and Buying a Real Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

I hope these 5 ways to spot fake Himalayan salt lamps has helped save you time and money in your search.

When looking to buy a high quality and genuine pink salt rock lamp it’s highly recommended to go with a specialist supplier.

So Well have the best range of authentic Himalayan salt lamps online. See their full range here, with pink and amber crystal, rare white and grey, sets, extra large versions and many unique designs.

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