Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

Pink crystal firebowl lampsWhen you buy a smaller salt lamp, you will usually save a bit of money and some very attractive designs only come in the smaller sizes.

One of the best I’ve found is this distinctive and beautiful fire bowl lamp.

Unlike the Himalayan salt lamp basket design reviewed here, the bowl that the blocks of salt rest in is itself made out of the same crystal salt. This means it too will glow with pink and orange colors when you switch on the light.

Once again, there is a dimmable bulb, 6-foot cord and a timber base. Though I would consider this one a bit less stable than other designs so perhaps shouldn’t be positioned somewhere it could be easily knocked.

It is visually stunning though and well worth considering if you like this sort of fire bowl design.

Have a look at the customer home pictures to see what I mean and check the price here.

There’s also many more Himalayan salt lamp bowls here, including new designs with heated massage balls.

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