Quietest Air Purifiers for Bedrooms in 2021

Silent air filter for sleepingIf you are looking for a silent air purifier for your bedroom, this page has the best options available and why they are recommended.

Indoor air pollution can be particularly bad in bedrooms, affecting not just your ability to get to sleep but also your long-term health.

Air purification is possible at very low noise if an air cleaner is designed with quiet operation in mind. Most people also want to avoid glowing lights where they are sleeping.

Ahead are the best low decibel air filters in 2021, with the pros and cons of each to help you find the right one for you.

Quick Comparison of the Top Silent Air Cleaners

If you’re short on time here is a list of the quietest air purifiers in 2021:

  1. Hathaspace Smart HEPA Filter — True HEPA/activated carbon/cold catalyst/antibacterial filter and optional ionizer; air quality monitor; quietest 18 dB in sleep mode; long warranty and very positive customer ratings.
  2. Levoit Vortex Air Core 300 — H13 medical-grade True HEPA/activated carbon filters; 5 full air changes per hour in a 215 ft² room; small and compact; whisper-quiet at 24 dB in sleep mode; innovative design and excellent value.
  3. Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra-Quiet — Advanced 6 stage air filtration; largest room coverage and highest number of air changes per hour; best for asthma and allergy sufferers; latest technology and advanced features; virtually silent at just 20 dB in sleep mode; built to last with a 5 year warranty; premium model for larger rooms.

These 3 are chosen from dozens of competitors after many hours of research, reading user manuals and contacting suppliers to confirm claims and features.Hathaspace quietest air cleaner

Why Bedroom Air Quality Matters

You spend close to a third of your life sleeping in your bedroom and breathing the air in it.

This makes the quality of that air, and the level of breathable allergens and contaminants in it, very important. Both to how well you sleep that night and to how well you feel the next day.

Research shows that poor indoor air quality can negatively affect your sleep and impact your mood and ability to concentrate the morning after.

It can even take a toll on your general health and immunity, leading to lower energy, regular respiratory problems and increasing your susceptibility to many diseases.

Buying an air filter specifically designed for bedrooms, and improving the quality of the air you breathe while you sleep, is a wise investment in your long term health and well-being.

Many people also notice an immediate difference the first morning they wake up after sleeping in purified air. The sore throat and itchy eyes that they thought was normal is gone and they feel much more refreshed.

Longer-term benefits include more energy, improved ability to concentrate, less allergies, fewer colds and flu, a lower risk of many serious diseases and an improvement in cardiovascular health markers.

It’s no overstatement to say a good bedroom air purifier can make a big difference in your life. Indoor air quality is that important to your overall health and wellness.

Silent Air Purification for a Better Night’s Sleep

When you are looking for the quietest air filter the last thing you need is a top 10 list of extremely similar old models to wade through.

This review has done the hard work for you by eliminating dozens of outdated and inferior competitors. Only the real standouts in their category and the newest designs have made this list.

After many hours of research, reading technical specifications and contacting manufacturers, these are the 3 best silent air purifiers on the market in 2021.

Quietest Air Purifier — Hathaspace Smart HEPA Review

Most silent air filterThe stylish Hathaspace Smart air cleaner could be used in any room in your home. It’s particularly good in the bedroom though.

That’s because it’s the quietest air filter here, operating at a virtually silent 18 decibels in sleep mode and with no distracting lights.

This almost noiseless model uses 5 stage filtration, combining a True HEPA filter, activated carbon, antibacterial filter and nano cold catalyst to filter out 99.97 of airborne pollutants and allergens down to 0.3 microns.

There is also an optional negative ionizer, generating 10 million beneficial negative ions per second. These negatively-charged ions attach to positively-charged contaminants and prevent them from remaining airborne.

The Hathaspace has a smart air quality sensor on the front panel displaying the current indoor air quality. Set in auto mode it will adapt its fan speed in real time to match the current level of indoor air pollution.

This close to silent air purifier also comes with a remote control to operate it from your bedside and can be set on a 1 to 12 hour auto timer while you sleep.

Hathaspace say their whisper-quiet HEPA air cleaner will completely filter the air in a massive 350 ft² room twice in an hour.

You’d get much better performance for sleeping though with 4 air changes or more per hour in a small room under 175 ft². Realistically, most of us sleep in much smaller bedrooms so the air change rate would be even higher.

The company also offers an impressive “60 day money-back warranty and 2 years of product replacement”, according to their listing and website.

Customer ratings are overwhelmingly positive and you can read them, see home pictures and check the current price here.

Hathaspace Smart Pros and Cons


  • 5 stage filtration with True HEPA, activated carbon, antibacterial filter, nano cold catalyst and optional negative ionizer.
  • Smart air quality monitor and auto mode that adapts to indoor air pollution in real time.
  • Customer feedback repeatedly mentions how good this unit is for household odors and bad smells.
  • Antibacterial filter for additional airborne bacteria capture is an advantage over most competitors.
  • Big filters to trap more floating pollutants. This seems especially important for odors and toxic gases like VOCs. You can find replacement filters linked on the same listing.
  • Super quiet air filter at only 18 dB on the low fan sleep mode. Also switches off all lights for undisturbed sleep.
  • Long warranty and available for free delivery in the USA.


  • CADR is only listed at 160 m³/hr which is not as high as the other two quiet HEPA air purifiers reviewed ahead. Better for small to medium areas, not large rooms.
  • Product dimensions are 7 x 13.5 x 19.5 inches, making this a bigger unit than the Levoit Core 300 next. Heavier as well at 12 pounds. Check you’ve got space for it.
  • Minuscule but detectable ozone output of 9 ppb. The EPA considers up to 50 ppb safe but this is something to be aware of for people with chronic respiratory problems who may be extra sensitive to ozone.
  • Replacement filters are a bit more expensive than with the Levoit model, though not as high as with RabbitAir.

In Summary

There’s much to like with the Hathaspace Smart silent air cleaner, particularly its whisper-quiet sleep mode and extra antibacterial and nano cold catalyst filters. It’s also the only ionic air purifier here with an optional 10 million negative ions per second.

Despite being a bigger unit, it doesn’t have quite as many air changes as the Levoit Core 300 or the Rabbit Air MinusA2 ahead, so will be best for smaller rooms, not large open spaces.

Customer ratings are extremely positive though, especially regarding smoke and odor reduction. If the room where you sleep has a smell that’s keeping you awake at night then the Hathaspace Smart air filter would be a great solution.

You can see the current price and lots of owner feedback here on Amazon. People’s home pictures of the Hathaspace and answered questions there are also helpful for making a decision.

Best Table Top HEPA Air Filter for Sleeping — Levoit Core 300 Review

300 Core Levoit Air FilterLevoit are a respected company with a reputation for high quality and have made many best-selling models over the years.

The brand new Core 300 True HEPA air cleaner, with customizable pollutant filters, is their latest and perhaps most impressive model yet.

Using an advanced centrifugal fan with 360° intake and Vortex Air design for stronger airflow, this Levoit air filter machine can eliminate indoor pollutants in a 215 ft² (20 m²) room up to 5 times every hour.

In smaller spaces under 100 ft² this will be 10 times or more, which is highly beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers. It would also greatly help combat intruding smoke or other ongoing air pollution entering your bedroom.

Despite its powerful air circulation and purification properties, the Levoit Core 300 is surprisingly low noise. Utilizing proprietary ‘QuietKEAP’ technology, this compact True HEPA filter is nearly silent at just 24 dB in sleep mode with lights off.

The Core 300 is ozone free (can be sold in California) and is AHAM tested and certified for dust (140), pollen (145) and smoke (141). It also has an outstanding 230+ m³/hr CADR for its small size.

You can check the current price here on Amazon, read customer ratings and see home pictures of this impressive design.

Customizable Pollutant Filters

This new Levoit model comes fitted with a H13 medical-grade True HEPA filter combined with activated carbon, nylon prefilter and airtight sealing.

This combination is highly effective at removing 99.97% of airborne dust, pollen, pet dander, mold toxins and dust mite allergens where you sleep. It will also greatly reduce odors and volatile organic compounds.

Unusually, there are also 3 extra options available as replacement filters for the Core 300 – Mold Bacteria (with antibacterial filter), Pet Allergy (for odors, smells and pet allergens), and Toxin Absorber (for toxic gas air pollution and smoke).

All of these different options are linked on the same listing. There’s a filter light on the Levoit to let you know when a replacement is needed, but if you’ve decided on the Core 300 then it makes sense to get an extra one.Levoit quiet HEPA filter

Levoit Core 300 Pros and Cons


  • Very powerful and technologically advanced little air cleaner. AHAM tested and CADR of 230+ m³/hr is better than many larger and more expensive models.
  • 5 full air changes per hour in a 215 ft² room. Double that in smaller spaces 100 ft² or less. Great for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • H13 medical-grade True HEPA/activated carbon filters with Mold Bacteria/Pet Allergy/Toxin Absorber replacement options.
  • Auto timer, 3 fan speeds and whisper-quiet at 24 dB in sleep mode with no distracting nightlights.
  • Small and compact at 8.7 x 14.2 inches and portable at 8.75 pounds. Can be positioned on a bedside table to maximize space in small bedrooms.
  • Newest model from a well established and respected brand. 2 year warranty, according to Levoit replying to customers: “if you extend the original one-year by submitting a warranty card”.
  • Energy Star verified, ozone free, CARB certified for Californian sale, free shipping and excellent value.


  • No negative ionizer. Whilst older negative ion generators had issues with ozone, the latest technology does not. It’s a shame Californian regulation prevents more people from receiving negative ion benefits.
  • Levoit admit on their website that there may be a plastic smell when you first unwrap your Core 300. They recommend running it for a few hours in a well-ventilated room on high speed to remove this smell.

In Summary

There is very little to criticize with a review of the new Levoit Core 300 True HEPA air purifier.

It’s an exceptionally well-designed and powerful air filter machine, yet virtually silent in sleep mode so great for bedroom air purification.

While it could work well in a lounge or living room, smaller rooms will give its best performance. Then again, being lightweight and portable you could even use it in both.

You can check the current price here for the highly recommended Core 300. Potentially big savings as this compact and almost silent HEPA machine stacks up well against much more expensive competitors.

Best Quality Quiet Air Cleaner for Large Rooms — Rabbit Air MinusA2 Review

RabbitAir Minus A2 780ABoth of the previous models covered were very affordable and well within the majority of customer’s price range.

The Ultra Quiet Rabbit Air MinusA2 is a step up for those looking for the ultimate bedroom air purifier and who don’t mind paying for something special.

It has a much higher room coverage and number of air changes per hour than the Hathaspace or Levoit units.

This makes the MinusA2, available here at the best price, highly recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Room Coverage and Air Filtering

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet has room coverage of a very large 700 ft² with 2 air changes per hour for the SPA-700A model.

The top of the range SPA-780A has an even higher 815 ft² coverage for 2 air refreshes an hour.

Even at 4 air changes per hour, as recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers, the MinusA2 has a full 350 ft² of room coverage. Clearly the Rabbit Air can filter a lot of indoor pollution in larger spaces.

The smaller the room, the higher the number of air changes per hour goes, and the more effective the level of air purification and allergen removal is with this powerful model.

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 has a 6 stage filtering system for highly effective air purification:

  • Stage 1: A washable and permanent prefilter for larger allergens like dust and hair.
  • Stage 2: A medium filter for airborne particles larger than 1 micron, like pollen, mold and pet dander.
  • Stage 3: BioGS HEPA filter – Rabbit Air’s advanced and long-lasting HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne contaminants down to 0.3 microns.
  • Stage 4: Customizable filter – You can choose from Toxin Absorber, Odor Remover, Germ Defense and Pet Allergy, depending on your own particular allergen sensitivities.
  • Stage 5: Extra sized activated carbon filter made from high-efficiency granular activated charcoal.
  • Stage 6: Optional negative ionizer that complies with ozone safety requirements and is CARB tested and approved in California.

Design and Features

This Rabbit Air top of the range silent air filter has a unique big screen TV-like design that’s unlike any other air cleaner I’ve ever covered.

It can sit on the floor, a table or be wall mounted (mounting kit included) and also comes in a variety of customizable panel designs, including famous artworks by Van Gogh and Monet.

Full of advanced options and features, the MinusA2 has a remote control, adjustable fan speeds, auto and high pollen mode, indoor air quality indicator, odor sensor, optional ionizer and a light sensor to automatically transition to sleep mode when the lights go out.

At just 20 dB in sleep mode, the Ultra Quiet Rabbit Air MinusA2 is also one of the lowest decibel air filter machines available, despite its much larger size and significant power.RabbitAir SPA-700A

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Pros and Cons


  • Advanced 6 stage air filtration. Big and wide filters capture more allergens and pollutants than smaller air cleaners and can be customized with special replacement filters.
  • Exceptionally large room coverage and high number of air changes per hour. Even in a huge 350 ft² room this model achieves 4 full air purification cycles per hour, as recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • Wall mountable to save space and many advanced features like air quality indicator, high pollen mode, odor sensor and auto sleep mode. Can be controlled by remote control or by phone app with the WiFi model.
  • Stylish design and recommended for larger houses and big modern apartments. Especially beneficial for those highly sensitive to indoor air pollution, like allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Virtually silent at just 20 dB in sleep mode. Automatically dims and goes into sleep mode when you switch off lights in the room, becoming one of the quietest air purifiers on the market.
  • Top-quality components, long-lasting brushless direct-current motor and excellent 5-year warranty, according to RabbitAir.


  • Much higher price point. This is a premium brand with an investment to match. That said, the MinusA2 outperforms many higher priced competitors in air changes per hour and room size coverage.
  • This is a big True HEPA filter machine at 10.7 x 24.2 x 24.5 inches and heavy at 23.9 pounds. Similar in size and weight to a mid-range big screen TV.
  • Replacement filters are not cheap but do last up to 2 years. That’s 4 times as long as regular filters so it does even out over the years. You can find them here in the Germ Defense, Odor Remover, Pet Allergy and Toxin Absorber options.

In Summary

Most small bedrooms will do just fine with the Levoit or Hathaspace models previously recommended.

However, if you want much more air purification for a larger spaces, or need it because you or a family member suffers from asthma, regular allergies and other breathing problems, then consider investing in the superior Rabbit Air Ultra Quiet MinusA2.

With advanced air cleaning technologies and a 5-year warranty, this high-quality air cleaner will give you many years of peaceful sleep and healthier breathing.

You can see more product specifications, see customer ratings and check the current price here for the ultimate in bedroom air purifiers.

Better Sleep with a Quieter Air Purification

Regularly getting a good night’s rest is essential for your health and wellness, disease prevention and functioning at your best each day.

If you’re waking up feeling even worse than when you went to bed, then dust mite allergens, and other airborne contaminants you breathe while you sleep, are often a big part of the problem.

Customers repeatedly mention how much better their sleep is in reviews of the silent air cleaners covered here. Many also note how much more positive they feel the next day after waking up in a room filled with purified air.

I hope one of these recommended quiet air purifiers can bring the same benefits and positive effects into your bedroom for many nights to come.

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