Best Plug-In Air Purifier Ionizers in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Mini Air SanitizerIf you’d like to remove odors and purify the air of pollutants in smaller rooms in your home, such as bathrooms, toilets, laundries and areas where pets live, then a plug-in air ionizer is an effective option.

These mini air cleaning machines are inexpensive, energy-efficient and highly compact. They take up very little space as they plug directly into a power socket or USB port.

Some, such as this powerful little one I have, still work when not plugged in and can improve air quality in places like studies, dorm rooms, musty cupboards, shoe closets, and even inside smelly fridges.

Their small size, light weight and easy portability also make them great travel air cleaners for combating airborne germs and pollution on planes or in hotel rooms.

That’s some of the benefits of plug-in air purifiers. There are also limitations to be aware of though, as well as some important warnings and even dangers for asthmatics and people with breathing difficulties.

Ahead are the 10 best plug-in negative ion generators and wall socket ionizers on the market in 2022.

Important Differences Between Pluggable Ionizers and Ozone Generators

The vast majority of plug-in ionizer reviews online list the same power socket ozone emitters and old UV-C light sanitizers, several of them since recalled or obsolete.

This is misleading to readers and, in the case of ozone machines, potentially dangerous for those with breathing difficulties and lung problems.

While O3 generation is effective at destroying airborne germs, mold and persistent odors, it is also harmful to your lungs in high concentrations.

The EPA recommends ozone levels not exceed 0.05 parts per million in the air you breathe. They also say that people with allergies, asthma or respiratory problems should avoid it completely.

Manufacturers usually state that they are within the safe limit, yet testing is lax, recalls are common and you really shouldn’t be breathing in O3 for too long if you value your wellbeing.

A far safer option is to buy one of the true plug-in air ionizers ahead. Negative ion generation is a much more elegant and beneficial method of air cleaning than oxidizing ozone gas.

Alternatively, consider one of these desktop air filters or these best small and portable air cleaners. While not true ‘pluggable air purifiers’, they are still light, compact and highly effective at filtering the air of pollutants.

10 Recommended Plug-In Air Purifiers in 2022

Amazon is the best place to buy a pluggable air cleaner due to the low prices and wide section. With the recent popularity of wall socket ionic devices though, any search brings up many new brands and unproven designs.

Listings come and go quickly and customer feedback is in short supply, making it difficult to make an informed choice.

After many long hours of research, I’m confident these 10 are currently the top plug-in negative ion generator brands on the market in 2022.

1. Best Mini USB Ionizer — IonMi Review

If you’d like to use beneficial negative ions to purify the air around you of airborne germs, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds, mold spores and other floating allergens, then the new ionMi is a great choice.

This little corona discharge ionic machine generates an impressive 20 million negatively charged ions per second. You can read about the many benefits of negative ions here and why they are so good for you.

USB Powered and Works Unplugged

Rather than being powered from an electrical wall socket, this mini air ionizer plugs directly into any USB point for charging.

That means you can use it plugged into a laptop or computer, phone charging point or in a car with an adapter. You can even use it on an airplane if your seat has a USB outlet, as most do nowadays.

USB Ion Generator

The ionMi works without being plugged in as well. On a full charge it will operate for 14 hours unplugged, according to IonPacific. This makes it a great mini ionizer to take traveling.

The ionMi is also useful in the workplace. Slot it into your PC’s USB port to clean the air while you work and combat tiring positive ion pollution from electrical equipment.

Or, once charged, just have it sitting nearby you on your work desk or on a coffee table while you watch TV in the evening.

Some customer reviewers even recommend wearing it around your neck, though these personal air purifiers, or these negative ion necklaces, are more suitable for this purpose.

This little USB ionizing machine is only 3.9 × 4.3 inches and weighs just 5.6 ounces, making it tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand and highly portable.

You can see the new ionMi from IonPacific at a very affordable price here. It’s the best plug-in air purifier currently on the market in 2022.

2. Top Outlet Air Purifier — Clarifion Air Soap Review

The compact Clarifion negative ion generator (also known as the Air Soap) plugs into any power socket and generates 10 million ions per second into the surrounding environment.

While not as high in ionic output as the ionMi, the plug-in Clarifion is even cheaper and has special discounts for multipacks like this on Amazon so you can ionize the air in several rooms on a budget.

Airsoap Plugin

This space saving outlet ionizer is particularly useful for areas like bathrooms, in your kitchen or laundry, near smelly shoes and sports equipment, and in rooms where pets sleep and do their business.

It’s also extremely quiet, making it a simple air cleaning option for bedrooms and dorm rooms that won’t disturb your sleep.

If you do ever hear a faint clicking noise from an ion generating device, like the Clarifion, it means the emitter points need cleaning.

Follow the advice in the FAQs below to clean them and it will soon go back to silent operation.

You can keep the Clarifion Air Soap running 24/7 to purify the air of odors and allergens with minimal power usage. Just plug it into any electrical socket and leave it for constant air purification day and night.

3. Best High Output Option — HAPHID Pluggable Negative Ion Generator Review

New in 2022, the HAPHID wall plug-in air cleaner works in any standard power point. Once plugged in it generates an impressive 32 million ions per second, according to the manufacturer.

They also state that the HAPHID socket ionizer produces no ozone, no electromagnetic radiation and has silent operation.

Ionic technology is improving all the time, and with 4 brush ion generators an output of 32 million anions is possible. Though being newer, this model is less proven technology than the Clarifion or particularly the ionMi.

I do like that the design only has 2 small power and working indicator lights, rather than the overly bright ‘nightlights’ of many competitors. It’s also quite small and compact with dimensions of 3.35 x 2.17 x 1.97 inches.Haphid plug in purifier

Inexpensive Multi-Room Air Cleaning

The biggest selling point for the HAPHID negative ion generator though is the low price here on Amazon for a 3 pack.

I’d be skeptical of this model’s listed 300 ft² air cleaning range. Like all plug in ionic air purifiers, they’ll work best in smaller spaces.

But with 3 units you could plug them into the power sockets in bathrooms, bedrooms, in the laundry or kitchen, or wherever odors and air pollution is a problem.

Customer reviews are predominantly positive and the questions and answers section in the link above is useful for deciding if this product is right for your home.

4. Recommended New Contender — Belita Amy Plug-In Mini Ionizer Review

Even newer than the HAPHID, the Belita Amy wall socket ionizer generates the same 32 million negative ions from the 4 brush emitters at its base.

While the design is very similar (including the 2 small lights from customer pictures), dimensions are slightly slimmer at 3.34 x 2.16 x 1.18 inches. I prefer the simple front panel design versus the HAPHID as well.

This Belita Amy ionic air purifier is available in 1, 2 or 5 pack options and great value here on Amazon.Belita ionizer mini air cleaner

Getting the 5 pack makes a lot of sense if you want to use negative ions to clean the air in multiple rooms in your home. Per unit, it’s the cheapest power socket ionizer option in this guide.

Once again though, this newer model has far fewer customer ratings and less feedback than the established Air Soap plug-in.

It also doesn’t come with independently tested ionic output or the easy portability of the top choice ionMi.

5. Cheapest and Slimmest — PIDOIM Pluggable Ionizer

Released late 2021, the PIDOIM is a slimmer ionic plug-in model versus other designs, with dimensions of 4.45 × 1.8 x 1.57 inches.

This unit generates 20 million negative ions per second, measured properly at 2 inches from the device, according to the manufacturer. They also say it has silent operation and no radiation.

PIDOIM outlet ionic purifier

The slim shape, with just a small green light, would be particularly suitable for bedrooms, offices, bathrooms and toilets.

Indeed the limited number of customer reviews on this little ion machine specifically recommend it for this purpose.

The PIDOIM outlet air purifier is new and unproven but offers impressive ion generation in a different design to other competitors in the market.

It’s also one of the cheapest options in this plug-in ionizer guide, here on Amazon with free delivery within the USA.

6. Odor Eliminator — Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure

The sales listing here on Amazon for the popular Plug N’ Pure ionizer has lots of details on using it as a ‘portable deodorizer’ and hundreds of supporting customer reviews. However there’s little technical information.

I wrote to Breathe Green to check if this device emitted ozone and they wrote back: “Plug N Pure doesn’t emit ozone and doesn’t have an ozone generator.”

They also wrote: “The Plug N Pure air purifier plugs directly into the wall electric outlets, providing high negative ion output: 8 million pcs/cm3. Its purification effect/speed is 3 times higher than ordinary ones.”

Plug N Pure Ionic

By comparison though, the HAPHID, Clarifion, PIDOIM and ionMi all have higher ionic output per second.

The Plug N’ Pure is quiet a stylish unit, with its slim metallic design and circular panel in the top corner.

The bright blue light from it’s panel wouldn’t be for everyone though (see the customer home pictures in the link above).

Then again, if you’re looking for an ionizer/nightlight combination for the bathroom or toilet then Breathe Green’s model would be a good choice.

Customer feedback is mainly positive for air cleaning, though one feature that does cause complaints is the 3 settings with little instructions on what each does.

One reviewer recommended the 3rd switch to the right for negative ion generation and no nightlight. This is where I’d suggest keeping the Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure set to if you decide it’s the right one for you.

7. 2 Pack Option — Cleario Wall Socket Ionic Generator

Searching for a good power point ion generator on Amazon, you may come across the Cleario, available here in a 2 pack with free shipping and a 60-day moneyback guarantee from the manufacturer.

The product description says “this small plug in device will freshen any room in your house, dorm or office” and they say it is “effective in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and litter box rooms.”Cleario wall plug ionic

The Cleario produces 10 million negative ions, like the Clarifion Air Soap plug-in. However, it seems to have only been released recently and has far less positive customer ratings or product information.

It’s also less clear whether this model produces ozone alongside negative ions. If so, this can be harmful to people with breathing difficulties.

The Cleario is currently more expensive than the Belita Amy or HAPHID and less proven than the ionMi or Clarifion air purifier, so it’s difficult to rank it as one of the best plug-in ionizers.

8. Longest Warranty — MOAOO Power Socket Ionizer

The new MOAOO mini air ionizer is similar to the HAPHID and Belita Amy models in that it claims to produce 32 million negative ions per second with no ozone.

It also has a strong 12 month replacement warranty and 45 day moneyback guarantee you can see here on Amazon. That’s a definite pro. As is the very low price.MOAOO ionizer plug in

A possible con though is the design with 4 ion emitters on the front panel, versus under the unit as with most other plug-in ionic air cleaner.

Customer complaints include receiving mild electric shocks from these units and they may be particularly unsuitable if you have young children or pets in your home.

The poorly translated product information doesn’t inspire a lot of consumer confidence either. Overall, the ionMi, HAPHID or Clarifion Air Soap look like much better choices.

9. Popular Model — Air Genie Plug-In Review

The Air Genie is a very popular plug-in ion machine sold on eBay, YouTube, Facebook, Walmart, Sears, their own website and here on Amazon.

It has the same design and specs as the Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure model above. That’s helpful for this wall socket air purifier guide as there is little technical information on any of the various Air Genie sales pages around the web.

With a negative ion output of 8 million pcs/cm3 this model is 4 times less powerful than the recommended HAPHID or Belita Amy ionizer above.

Despite this, the Air Genie is significantly more expensive for to buy as a single unit. In fact, you could currently get 3 HAPHID pluggable air purifiers for the same price as 1 Air Genie.Plug In Sanitizer

Perhaps when it was first released this mini air sanitizer was cutting edge technology. In 2022 though the Air Genie struggles to compete with newer and better wall plug purifiers.

Another concern I had with this model was their Amazon listing stating that: “bacteria, viruses, pet odors, cigarette smoke, mold and mildew are kept check with… the purifying combination of activated oxygen and ionization.”

‘Activated oxygen’ usually means ozone. However, checking the Air Genie website and writing to them they confirm that their product is a negative ion generator only.

I still can’t see a good reason to buy the lower output and higher cost Air Genie versus any of the other plug-in purifier ionizers in this guide.

10. Budget Option — Aibrisk Mini Air Cleaner

The Aibrisk is another 2022 release wall socket air cleaner at a low price here on Amazon.

Its makers recommend it for pet areas, cigarette smoke, cooking odors and other areas of the home with bad smells and odorous air.

Customer reviews are mixed with this model though versus the more positive feedback for the ionMi or Clarifion.Aibrisk plugin air purifier

Some praise it for improving air quality in smelly bathrooms, musty laundries and near cat litterboxes. While others say it didn’t work or gave them electric shocks.

I also note that the company uses the term ‘negative oxygen ion’, often code word for ozone.

While they answered a customer question by saying: “this air purifier doesn’t produce ozone”, I didn’t include Aibrisk models in this best negative ion necklaces guide specifically because of customer concerns about ozone.

Overall the HAPHID, Belita Amy or Clarifion models look like better and safer wall socket ionizer choices in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Clarifion produce ozone?

No, according to the manufacturer. The Clarifion plug-in is designed to generate negative ions, not emit ozone.

How do you clean a plug-in negative ion generator?

First unplug the device. Then gently clean each ion emitter of any buildup with a fine brush or swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Allow to dry before switching back on.

Do plug-in ionizers work?

Yes, though they function best in small confined spaces. Ionic devices generate large amounts of negative ions that attach to floating pollutants, causing them to become to heavy to float and fall to the nearest surface.

Are there any disadvantages of using pluggable air purifiers?

Wall socket air cleaners aren’t very effective at removing large particle pollution like visible dust, pollen and pet dander as they lack HEPA filters. They also won’t work well in larger spaces.

Where is the best place to use a plug-in purifier?

These mini air cleaners are designed for smaller bedrooms, dorm rooms, and compact spaces like bathrooms, toilets, laundries, studies, closets and pet areas.

Plugin Purification Device

A Cheap Solution for Bad Odors and Pollutants in Smaller Spaces

I hope this ultimate guide to the best plug-in air purifier ionizers has helped to save you both time and money.

The right one can quickly get rid of bad smells and clean the air in the more odorous parts of your home. All while generating beneficial negative ions.

They don’t have to cost that much either as most of the recommended products here are quiet cheap for the air cleaning power they offer.

For me, the ionMi mini ionizer, available here with free delivery, is the best choice for its proven technology, easy portability, and the way you can use it anywhere once charged.

You can even have it working in your car while driving or take it on public transport or a plane when traveling for better air.

The proven Clarifion Air Soap, available here on Amazon, or the high output HAPHID, at a low price here, are also great options if you prefer to plug your air purifier into a power socket and forget about it.

If you’re looking for even higher output then see this guide to the best negative ion generators. These are bigger units but much more powerful ion machines that can purify the air in larger spaces.

For inexpensive and compact air cleaning though, particularly in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, laundries and pet areas, one of the recommended plug-in ionizers in this guide is a good choice.