Basket Design Himalayan Salt Lamps

Basket pink rock crystal lightsThe best salt lamp in the basket style that I’ve found is made by WBM Himalayan Glow and is available here at a low price (choose the tall round basket).

Large pink chunks of rock salt are arranged within a basket of intertwining black polished metal. Underneath all of this, is a special 25-watt bulb to heat the pink salt and activate its air cleaning properties.

Actually, due to the large surface area of this basket Himalayan salt lamp, it may be even more effective at cleaning the air than other designs which don’t expose as much of the crystal salt to the environment.

From a visual perspective, this design is quite large and when you turn down the lights you can see why it’s described as a bowl of fire. Some reviewers even say it looks like a pink glowing fireplace.

Like the first recommended Himalayan lamp, this large basket salt lamp comes with a 25-watt incandescent lamp with a 6-foot long power cord with a dimmer switch. There’s also a 30-day warranty if there are any problems.

Read the many positive reviews and see the stunning home pictures for the basket of fire Himalayan salt lamp here.

There’s many more of the best salt lamp designs covered in detail here. Himalayan Glow Salt Lamps reviewed here also make some excellent basket designs.

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Tammy Haack

I have noticed a “build up” on my salts… appears to be greenish/brown in color… how do i care for the salts


Hi Tammy.

When that happens it’s best to wipe the salt lamp with a damp cloth. This is likely the airborne contaminants attracted to the salt lamp as described here

All the best,



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