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Reviews of negative ionizers and the best ionic products for air purification, less stress, improved mental focus and many therapeutic health benefits.

The Sun Touch Plus SAD Lightbox with Ionizer

The Sun Touch Plus Light Therapy Ionizer is a 10,000 Lux SAD treatment lamp combined with a negative ion generator, all in a small lightbox the size of a desk lamp. Just 30 minutes of use a day may improve your concentration, energy levels and sleep patterns. 10,000 Lux lamps have also been clinically proven […]

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Negative Ion Generator for Your Car

Indoor air pollution and excessive concentrations of harmful positive ions aren’t just limited to inside your home or office, they are also particularly high inside your car. With the constant low level exposure to exhaust fumes from the road and other pollutants, like toxic off-gassing from vehicle interiors, your car is not the healthiest place to […]

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Air Purifying Ionic Bulb

Here’s an interesting idea. Combine a negative ion generator with an energy efficient bulb and you get this air freshening ionic light bulb. It works by generating dust and allergen neutralizing negative ions using a patented air purifying microchip ion emitter that gets its power from the light’s own energy. These negative ions attach themselves to pollutants […]

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