Ionic USB to Counteract Positive Ions Damage From Your Computer

Do you often get tired when working on your laptop or PC? There may be more behind this than you realize.

We are using computers more and more in our daily life. Unfortunately, they are strong emitters of harmful positive ions that can make us tired, tense and irritable.

Positive ions generated from your PC or laptop may even affect your respiratory and immune systems.

All in all, they are something we’d do well to minimize our exposure to. That’s not easy when you’re sitting over them for hours on end.

One possible and portable solution is this Ionic USB stick that you plug directly into your computer.

As soon you do, it begins generating millions of beneficial negative ions that counteract the damaging effects of positive ions and electromagnetic energy emitted from your PC.

These negative ions have a air purifying and refreshing effect, much like the air at the beach or after a storm. In fact, the Ionic Lifestyle USB generates over 2,000,000 healthy negative ions per cubic centimeter. All you need is a standard USB port.

At just 3.25 inches in length and only 0.75 inches in both width and height this is an extremely compact negative ion generator for your computer.

This ionic USB is also a very simple and inexpensive way to boost your energy levels at your desk, whether at home or at work and possibly protect your health as well. See the Ionic USB Stick on Amazon and check the price here. 

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Photo credit with thanks: Ray_from_LA
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