What are the Best Salt Lamps? — Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews for 2016

Top-Salt-LampsIf you’re looking for the best Himalayan salt lamp for your home or office, this page has a detailed review of high-quality salt lamps for sale and why they are recommended.

First, we’ll cover medium-sized rock salt lamps, which are the most popular and suit the majority of lounge rooms, bedrooms and workplaces.

Next we will look at smaller pink salt lamps you might place beside you on a desk, in a smaller bedroom or on a side table next to where you watch TV.

Lastly, we’ll consider larger Himalayan natural salt lamps for bigger spaces and dealing with electromagnetic smog and positive ions from electrical equipment.

If you’re wondering just what a salt lamp is, why you might want to have one, whether they do generate negative ions and their other health properties, then check this page on salt lamp benefits and how they work.

If you’re looking for Himalayan salt lamp reviews and where to buy them at the best price, then this page has hours of research to save you time. It will also be regularly updated with the best new salt lamps on the market.

Let’s start with a beautiful, relaxing and healthy addition to any living space — a midsize pink Himalayan rock salt lamp.

Best Medium-Sized Himalayan Salt Lamps for Home and Office

Natural Cut Salt Lamps

Salt-lampI’ll start this review of salt lamps off with the very one I have on next to my work desk right now — this attractive natural cut bestseller on Amazon.

The WBM Himalayan Glow is a hand cut tower of deep pink/orange pure rock salt with a strong and stable Neem wood base.

It comes in various sizes but this first salt lamp review is for the 8 – 9 inch version which weighs between 8 and 11 pounds (mine is close to 10 pounds but as each of these are handmade there will be some variation).

This deep pink Himalayan salt lamp has nearly 8000 customer reviews and 4 1/2 stars. Clearly there’s something people like about these particular salt lamps. What is it?

First of all, they are great value and often on sale at significantly less than competing models without the good reviews. If price is the main factor in buying your crystal salt lamp it’s hard to find better value than this.

More importantly though, they are very well made with a sturdy base, pleasing natural shape, a deep color (usually an indication of more mineral rich rock salt) and a good 25-watt incandescent light bulb attached to a 6-foot power cord with a dimmer switch.

The light bulb on mine hasn’t needed replacement in over eight months of constant use. When you do eventually need a replacement bulb though, remember to use a 25-watt incandescent bulb made especially for salt lamps like these ones.

15-watt bulbs might not be enough for this sized salt light and the light bulb has to be incandescent and heat emitting rather than low heat CFL to work properly.

All in all, the Himalayan Glow pink crystal salt lamp here on Amazon is an excellent choice and highly recommended. There’s even a 30-day warranty and free delivery if you get a few other things at the same time.

If you’re looking for a mid-sized salt crystal lamp, the only reason not to choose this model would be if you want to get a different type of salt lamp design. Let’s look at two of the best next.

Polished Himalayan Salt Lamps

Pyramid-Salt-LampFor a different and very stylish and exotic look, pyramid shaped Himalayan crystal salt lamps makes for a distinctive feature in any home.

If you’re looking for a medium-sized Himalayan lamp, I’d recommend choosing one of the larger two sizes, like the second last one here. Though the two salt lamp combination (3rd choice along) would also look great together or on opposite tables.

These pink pyramid salt lights have a wide and steady timber base and a hollowed out interior for the light bulb with a 6-foot UL-listed cord with a dimmer switch.

If you think a pyramid Himalayan salt lamp (or two) would look good in your home, this is the best I’ve found.

Two things to be aware of with this salt lamp versus the last one reviewed though. Firstly, it won’t be as high due to the much wide base so it may look smaller visually.

Secondly, it comes with a 15-watt lamp rather than a 25-watt one. This is probably fine, but if you live in a very humid environment or you find your salt lamp sweats, even after been on for a while, then you may need to move up to a 25-watt bulb.

Customer reviews though are generally positive with no mention of sweating and pictures of this pyramid shaped crystal salt lamp in people’s homes show just how good these can look.

If you like smooth finished and polished salt lamps like this, two other recommended ones to consider buying are this beautiful egg-shaped Himalayan sea salt lamp and this unusual Moroccan style 7-pound pink salt lamp (to me it looks like a glowing wave in the pictures).

Basket Salt Lamps

Basket Salt lampsFor the last of the recommended medium-sized Himalayan salt lamps, let’s look at the popular basket design.

Once again, the best salt lamp is made by WBM Himalayan Glow and is this amazing basket of fire design (choose the tall round basket).

Large pink chunks of rock salt are arranged within a basket of intertwining black polished metal. Underneath all of this, is a special 25-watt bulb to heat the pink salt and activate its air cleaning properties.

Actually, due to the large surface area of this basket Himalayan salt lamp, it may be even more effective at cleaning the air than other designs which don’t expose as much of the crystal salt to the environment.

From a visual perspective, this design is quite large and when you turn down the lights you can see why it’s described as a bowl of fire. Some reviewers even say it looks like a pink glowing fireplace.

Like the first recommended Himalayan lamp, this large basket salt lamp comes with a 25-watt incandescent lamp with a 6-foot long power cord with a dimmer switch. There’s also a 30-day warranty if there are any problems.

Read the many positive reviews and see the stunning home pictures for the basket of fire Himalayan salt lamp here.

Next, we will move on to the best smaller salt lamps for coffee tables, desks or bedside tables.

Where to Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps for Smaller Rooms

Firebowl-salt-lampWhile bigger is usually better for air cleaning, if your rock salt lamp is positioned quite close to you, say next to you at your desk or on a table near where you watch TV, it’s fine if it isn’t so big.

When you buy a small salt lamp, you will usually save a bit of money and some very attractive designs only come in the smaller sizes. Here’s the two best I’ve found.

First, a square metal basket salt lamp with a variety of patterned designs and second, another bowl of fire Himalayan lamp, but this time the bowl itself is made of glowing crystal salt.

Metal Basket Salt Lamps

These exotic looking metal basket salt lamps come in 10 different designs you can see here. I particularly like the star and Buddha designs but you can choose whatever suits you best.

The company suggests using them as a bed light, bathroom illumination, kitchen feature or for meditation or prayer, and several of the designs really do seem fit for this last purpose.

Customer pictures, while beautiful, do seem to show these salt crystal lamps are not quite as bright as more open designs, but this could be a good thing if you don’t need the room you place them into to be too light.

They do come with a dimmable light bulb though so you can choose the brightness level that suits you. They are also listed as made in the USA.

Highly recommended if you like this sort of design. Check out the different basket patterns and the low price for these Himalayan rock salt lamps here.

Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamps

Another great salt lamp for your desk or side table is this distinctive and beautiful fire bowl lamp.

Unlike the other Himalayan salt lamp bowl design reviewed above, the bowl that the blocks of salt rest in is itself made out of the same crystal salt. This means it to will glow with pink and orange colors when you switch on the light.

Once again, there is a dimmable bulb, 6-foot cord and a timber base. Though I would consider this one a bit less stable than other designs so perhaps shouldn’t be positioned somewhere it could be easily knocked.

This unique salt lamp is a bit larger than the previous metal basket design above and weighs about 6 pounds. Given this, you could consider it on the border of a medium-sized lamp, but I did want to include it in this salt lamp review somewhere as it is so visually stunning.

Have a look at the customer home pictures to see what I mean and check the price here.

Large Himalayan Salt Lamps on Sale

Twin-salt-lampsGood larger salt lamps are more difficult to track down in 2016. I found this monster called Everest, but for the best value, it’s hard to go past the quality of the Himalayan Glow recommended in the first salt lamp review, but in the largest size available.

Unlike other salt lamps I’ve seen, this is a big salt lamp hollowed out properly and using a powerful 40-watt lamp to heat it up properly, rather than the inadequate 15-watt bulbs that come with some other big salt lamps.

Choose the 12 to 13-inch model here to see my choice for the best large salt lamp for bigger rooms. It will be especially good for cleaning the air and counteracting electro-smog around office equipment like printers and monitors.

Another good option is to get two mid-sized pink salt lamps on a special deal like this and place them in different parts of the room for combined air cleaning. Having multiple salt lamps in a room will be even more beneficial than just one large one.

I hope this review of the best Himalayan salt lamps has helped you to find a beautiful new edition to your living space. Please share it with friends who might be interested in where to buy salt lamps, what to look for and the different kinds available.

Also, make sure to read this article if you’d like to know more about the health benefits of salt lamps and how they clean the air in your home.